18-year-old hospitalized after he said he vaped with THC

An 18-year-old from Gurnee, Illinois has been hospitalized since last week. He says he vaped with THC, the primary ingredient in marijuana, and became …


  1. Clearly it wasn't just thc in the oil cartridge. Also hes seen in a photo using a jewel. Now that being said, watch them strictly blame marijuana for the ignorance and stupidity of a kid that wanted to get a nicotine fix as well as the euphoria of the thc. Dont by these carts off the street. They are 90% fake.

  2. That’s because it will be non tested dystilit and this wouldn’t be a problem if it was legal because u can buy tested legal ones and there is no problem , IT IS NOT WEED THATS BAD !

  3. My younger brother has been vaping heavily for a couple months. Its not rec here and hes not a card holder. He's a stupid teen who saw this as a way to not get caught for smoking weed. Of course he buys bunk carts and hes been coughing nonstop for like 2 months. I'm watching this because all night and all day I just hear coughing and coughing.. It literally never lets up..

  4. I love a world with, completely non factual information. THC is a non addictive substance. This fake patient, is a great actor. This is a prime example of big PHARMA, and tobacco, and alcohol trying to take down a natural, non addictive flower, that helps all.

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