13 "Weird" Things I Did That Opened My Third Eye ✨💜

Ready to OPEN your Third Eye (3rd Eye)? Here are 13 PROVEN Tricks for 3rd Eye Awakening that no one else is sharing! Opening Your Third Eye is an …


  1. I'm naturally doing these! Amazing! And I keep teeling friends about medicine plants, that's exactly I feel about them, and my friends tell me I was wrong. Thank you for enlightning this for me. Blessings from Brazil. Love you!🥰

  2. Plant teachers i believe as long as its kept sacred is fine like indigenous tribes Not Mindless Self indulgences like in America..Head Banging move 🤣🤣🤣 Yes You Do gotta meditate or else no experience your So right i try telling people same thing lol Now i can teach youuu..but you gotta use it..YES i have Rose Quartz i med with..Allys Your right..its why they make watches out of it..Perfect Vibrational Oscillations..does it for aura..Wow Iron Rose Quartz? Hmm…Intentional Breath with the crystals ..I Lovvee Sandalwood my fave..Your Literally teaching people a New way to Live here..i hear Balance and Equillibrium..Om Yess..Original vibrational tone..Slapping yourself!!🤣🤣🤣 Thats what it is though lol…The Void!! Yesss…im doing your Ascension med and Feeling Void..four letter word the Deepest…Ok med now and sending Light…Your Amazing ..This Is OUR Normal to others We are just Weird and Crazy..So much info that backs you Up thooo..if they just Studied theyd know too

  3. Definitely work to do! But I live with my parents right now but plan on hopefully moving out soon. So nature, crystals and working on getting that toothpaste free of fluoride sounds awesome! I don't usually drink water much unless filtered out of fridge.. kinda sketches me out, so I drink almond milk. As soon as I have my own apartment… it'll be nothing but greens, veggies etc even eggs. It will be plant based. But as of now I have to go outside and really work on that chi! Meditate in the grass at the park or something.

  4. I chose to go sober after yrs of this habit i prayed to Divine to take this out of my life and i was freed . Years later im still sober happier and healthier than I've ever been and im now in my 50s.

  5. I've heard that cannabis keeps the Archons away. I microdose it in whole plant form a couple of times a week for chronic pain. I get more spiritual awakenings with it. Wouldn't smoke the bud thought because it's too potent these days.

  6. Enjoying your meditations. However, I do not see the place where you purchased your crystals. If you could repost that please I would appreciate it. Thank you 💞

  7. The deodorant thing was at first odd, you can use limes if your not allergic. Ty for sharing your wisdom with us all. Be blessed and be safe. 😊🖖🌻

  8. How can I trust you that you are telling the truth all about spirituality? Sorry for being skeptical but I used to trust everything so blindly but now, I have hard time doing so. Could you help me understand?

  9. Thank you Melanie! I'm starting your 3rd eye meditation tomorrow for the next 7 days. Last night in meditation i asked my angels and guides to help with this chakra opening they say it is open somewhat just need more attention to it. So I believe I was led to your 3rd eye opening video. I usually don't take on additional meditations as I'm at it in the morning and evening as daily practice but inspiration struck when I saw yours. Love your channel – sean

  10. It’s funny because each and everyone of these things I was doing just for health purposes literally all of these no drink the deodorant the water plant based diet all natural products, meditating, This was just for health out and yes I end up being connected , open clairvoyant. With realizing what exactly I was doing. Back then I had no idea of any of this and because the occurrences that where happening I researched them and found what was going on with me and also found you 😌

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