1. Hi,Sir. Our company has produced led grow lights over 9 years. We have the led grow light which can be used for the growing of many plants, especially for indoor plants, such as vegetables, orchids, fruits and succulent. are you interested in testing our new light and share your experience after using it on your Youtube channel? If you are interested, please tell me your email to send the detail to you. Really appreciated if you can help us to test this light, thanks for your time!

  2. Smh all these lights are garbage none of the good lights are not mention how can you not mention optic you need to go check out the optic 8+ and the new optic slim Samsung chip optic killing it rite now this is the worst review I ever seen

  3. Root farm I’m using. Outside of the steep price it’s actually not bad. For veg anyway havnt flower my green crack yet. I’m on hunt for flower period that won’t break the bank. Root farm was 139$ for 45 freakin watts 😟 but my girls are bushy af but price is wayyyyy too steep for what u get. Ja feel🤔✌️

  4. LMAO! What year is this? 2005? GTFO with this list. There are literally dozens of LED grow lights on the market better than these. Not a single light on this list even makes the top 30 (questionable if even the top 50) lights on the market.

  5. BULLSHIT! DON'T BUY , my experience is with quantum boards samsung lmb301b so i recommend that one! never buy KIND those guys rip off customers with there shit china bullshit leds

  6. Maybe, this list should come out in the second half of 2019, because of some new great light should be mentioned, like mars hydro sp250! love love love mars sp250

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