WisconsinEye Presents: The Future of Hemp in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Act 100 was enacted on November 30, 2017. The bill allows for the revival of industrial hemp growing in Wisconsin. Hemp has a longstanding history …


  1. As has been said Hemp the plant that saves America. I plan to run for Wi. Governor next election cycle. Hemp,Weed & everything associated with both is a commandment I will rip from the hands of Corporate greed. Hemp is a natural insulator & Pine actually conducts cold through the walls. Hemp Particle Board will easily replace particle board. Hemp can be made into a cement, the roads can be paved with it. Stripping THC from Cannabis for nutritional needs & wants is as functional as taking the Sulfur smell & reaction out of Nutrients. Why don't they take Alcohol out of Beer & hard liquor. Or nicotine out of Cigarettes or Caffeine out of Coffee ,hmmmm??? You need a Governor like me to bitch slap cosmic sense into Corporate greed control. Hemp is a natural fabric, as Rayon, Polyester,etc are artificial chemical fabric that Patrick Flannagan wrote a book that artificial fabrics diminish, weaken the Bodies bio-electrical magnetic field, also called the Humane Aura by those not biased toward chemical DRUG Industry Corporate Control! Currently I never buy sweat pants unless they are 100% Cotton, it is getting harder to find them without a mix of Polyester or rayon in them. As I said Hemp is a Natural material with Heat insulation property, so winter jackets, Hats, Socks, LongJohns are a needed must have & will last for times longer than any Cotton made fabrics. This why the Fabric Industry isn't so keen on Hemp & WHY the American people MUST,MUST get involved & make me a Wi. Governor because leadership with a platform & some financial resource & FRIENDS is how it getter's done.

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