Virginia Decriminalizes Marijuana – Gov. Ralph Northam Signed Decriminalization bill into law

Virginia #DecriminalizeMarijuana #cannabisnews Virginia Decriminalizes Marijuana! Cannabis legalization news from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (d) …


  1. Fantastic… I will put some in the barrel of scary pew pew and send some to God!
    Hell I just go to DC to get weed!

  2. Wow weed can now be taxed, what a relief. Good thing he wants to take your firearms and allow third term abortion. What a great move by a once in a lifetime clan robe/blakface wearing twat.

  3. I live in fairfax and he's going to jail gun owners. This is not a real victory, this a distraction from his draconian decrees.

  4. Pot heads still won't get jobs for failing piss tests. A hard lesson will be learned and a lot of smokers will be upset when they still have to detox and give up the smoke until after they are established into gainful employment.

    You still can't grow it.
    You can't buy it from a dispensary.
    You still need a medical card to avoid getting a ticket for less than an ounce.

    You just get a ticket if you have less than an ounce and no medical card.

    This is a stunt to get the stoner votes for Democrats in the next elections.

    Now, what's to say, you have your concealed carry license and a sidearm with less than 1 ounce of pot on you. What then?

    Also!!! REMEMBER THIS.

    If your weed is in a bag or container. Let's say, an Altoids tin or small Tupperware. The police will also add the weight of the container to the weed.

    You could have a gram in a Tupperware bowl that in total weighs more than an ounce on the scale.

    You can be charged just because of that added weight. You might win in court but it would not be worth it.

    Always weigh your baggie to make sure that the weed and the container together weigh less than the 1 ounce limit.

    I don't mess with weed. Have not for over 10 years. It makes me compulsive. I blew $6000 within 2 weeks on dumb shit that shortly after had nothing to show for.
    2 new PS-2 slim consoles. No games. A used car, a used motorcycle. All the pop-tarts in a backwoods convenience store while high and had cotton mouth and forgot to buy something to drink……….. Worst idea ever. So dry!!!
    I only ever smoked for this 2 week period. Very destructive for me.
    But that's just me. More power to those who can handle it.

    So yeah I don't mess with it.

    Just weigh the container with the weed in it to be sure it weighs less than 1 ounce total and you'll be fine.

    One more thing.
    You can still get distribution or intent to distribute charges for having less than one ounce total divided into separate little baggies. Or having a scale with you.

  5. That's a great step forward, and good to hear that they aren't stopping at decriminalization. Given their proximity to Pennsylvania, I wonder if this will spark some movement in their efforts, which seem to have stalled.

  6. Need to figure out where Pennsylvania stands in all this. They have been very quiet lately about legalization.

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