1. if you have co-workers that shows sign of flu like symptoms…please take the time to advise them to get tested! we had 2 cases and many colleagues are now in isolation, that s another way on how the health system is being overtaxed and current workers are putting ridiculous work hours(sometimes…i just want dont get it…)
    Stay safe people and have a nice day

  2. So my son and I are learning to fly RC airplanes while Cracker Barrel is shut down due to the Virus.
    Man batteries are a trip. We got stuck in a tree over night and totally drained a battery. Put that battery on the charger and it swelled up like a balloon LOL
    Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2 is a wonderful toy Gilbert, you should Fly one !

  3. I hope USA has a hard time. A. the kids are bitches and need to toughen up before they get older and ruin the country even worse. B. Weed needs to be legal Prior Military officer and brainwashed weed was some evil drug- the stuff is medicine and will pull the country out of a recession with ease!

  4. : ) I told you about these treatments a month ago
    I was predicting things would be back to normal July 4th. Change that to June 20th LOL
    Odd thing you lose your Job and get paid 2.25 times your pay to stay home, still waiting for checks to start coming in though.
    I think by next fall this Virus will be just a regular old Virus.

  5. The economy was in pretty good shape??? It’s all because of Covid19??? What kind of ridiculous BS is this? Did you get payed to push this narrative, that is only intended to cover the asses of those that really blew up this rotten market beyond all bubbles and then didn’t know how to sustain it till 2021. Covid is an excuse, not the cause! Very disappointed hear you talk so much BS in just one episode.

  6. Gibbs what do you think about ACB’s deal with the UFC? Watching the latest fights I didn’t see Roar Sports being displayed in the ring. When do you expect Roar products to be up on the shelves, or at least marketed?

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