Unboxing: We got one gram of pot from the Ontario Cannabis Store

The Star’s cannabis beat reporter Joe Hall and digital producer Evelyn Kwong unboxed one gram of cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis Store, ordered on Oct.


  1. We don’t have to have Canadian identification to buy cannabis right? I’m travelling there soon, just hoping I could smoke some.

  2. Why are you complaining about all the packaging? You are the dumbasses who bought just one gram, you are the problem.

  3. Ontario cannabis store – What a joke. Thc levels range from 11-23%. You may buy that product and when it comes in its 11%thc or it could be 23%. Imagine buying beer at 1-10%. What a joke!

  4. Come on the reason I’m always asked if I want a plastic bag at the grocery store is cause we are supposed to be environmentally conscious.. Looks like the government could care less about the environment based on this.. Can’t see the pictures of bud cause the socialistic government needs to baby us or we might get out of control lol Colorado makes this method of legalization Look like a joke done by a bunch of puritanical boring Canadians..

  5. in the next video vegans review a steak sandwich that they will not eat .

    the sheer ignorance in this video is offensive. half way through the video" I don't know alot about cannabis "

    no kidding bud you said cbd is for a body high but cbd is often used to treat anxiety

  6. Don’t trust the Government.This weed laced with Chemicals worse than the cigarette industry. Grow your own organically. Control your own destiny. Support your local organic grower. Save your money.

  7. These people no nothing and the ones who do will never get a word in..and if this guy is the ignorant type that a major news entity would hire for this job, no one's going to learn anything valuable
    # legal fail

  8. Btw someone needs to remind this clown that its October. Lose the Hawaiian shirt lmao. U both know nothing!

  9. why are these two bozos explaining anything to do with cannabis? Reporters? Seriously? They both could not be more ignorant on the topic. How is this in any way informative? Seriously, Toronto Star….are you high?

  10. $18+ bucks for a gram of 8%thc bunk weed. and the waste of materials in excess packaging. Well done governments. LOL

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