Remoaning Tosspot Professor Brain Cox Wants To Delay Brexit Indefinitely

Remoaning Tosspot Professor Brain Cox Wants To Delay Brexit Indefinitely Subscribe To My Live streaming & gaming Channel …


  1. Why do you think tossers like him are promoted by the BBC? There are many scientists who aren't loony lefties. Most scientists aren't atheist either, many are Christian, yet you never see these scientists all over TV. It's always the lefty Liberal atheist scientists who get all the TV work and who's book are promoted. Why? Because the media is run by globalists who are anti-White, anti-family and anti-Christian

  2. Germany killed off all the Industries in Europe. Do you see it helping Italy or Spain . The EU is as dead as the DODO all that talk and no do .

  3. "A self indulgence from another age…?"…As it as one of the main issues in December 2019 general election and party supporting Brexit wom resounding victory I would not consider 5 months ago another age

  4. Brian Cox is so stupid, Professor? Don't make me laugh!
    £12 Billion per year is what we payed, but where will the money come from to prop up the EU, our bill would be £25 Billion per year, but with no economy to support this lunacy.
    He should just disappear.

  5. Shouldn't he be wasting licence payers money by filming a sunset in Peru just so he can describe what a sunset is.

  6. He’s an undemocratic tosser who might know a lot about stars but he knows sod all about politics.

  7. The Coronavirus is a MASSIVE reason why we should DEFINITELY have Brexit not the other way around????? If our borders had been more stringent we wouldn't have had that amount of spread now would we? The FUCKING left … that's all you need to say at this point.

  8. He must have been the first to have a charisma bypass,I think it has worked can we have some more tests for more his colleagues to expose their left wing tendancy.

  9. You are seriously deluded if you honestly believe you are going to have Brexit, this Government and powers to be just will wilt like fooking Daisy's to the EU Franco/German Empire.
    Brexit will not happen
    I voted Brexit and very much want to leave on WTO terms with a big fookwittery fook off to the EU Empire and the Franco/German Fourth Reich
    But it's just simply is not going to happen !!
    It's been over 4 years already and the UK is still no step further away from the EU.

  10. Brian has until the end of december this year to move lock-stock & barrel to the european mainland…goodness…i will even help him pack….no charge…!!

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