Over 160 Stores Broken Into In Vancouver (Break Ins Quadruple)

Over 160 Stores Broken Into In Vancouver (Break Ins Quadruple) Commercial store Break Ins quadruple In Vancouver Vancouver police say there’s been an …


  1. 😬Toronto's next…(There's also been more robberies (home & car) here, too…😔
    Stay 'safe' and be well everyone❣Blessings~💗

  2. In China, where the virus originated, wireless carriers have reported a loss of 21 million user subscriptions in the midst of the pandemic. The country’s largest operator, China Mobile, is experiencing the first net decline since 2000 when it began reporting on monthly data, which illustrated the severity of the situation.

  3. This is what happened when government don’t release the funding. I applied EI March 01, 2020. No update until now. I think the money is been corrupted by officials.

  4. *Chad God is proud of you and soo am I. In WWII we had a lot of Heroes. This time you've showed up as one of them*. Instead of telegraphs & phones, you're disseminating info using today's technol. YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BE AN AWESOME SOLDIER.🤗😙
    PS: I Love you, Ann from Denver CO USA!!
    love that you are drama free🤗😙

  5. CHAD…. people need to know – tell them. Evidently robbboer are going to residenial homes, knocking on doors & using the ruze of being DHS. Then they rob the person. Please research this material and…. THEN give your subscribers a heads up so they can tell their families. The older generations in my family grew up during a period of Trust. They especially are not willing to listen.

  6. We all need each other stop looting everything is gonna break down help one another instead of stealing this a special time our lord and Savior is watching us

  7. the disorganized crime element….many love….love…..chaos……not a good time to be in jail….why?….in extreme national crisis….guards….must shoot to kiilllll….illl…lest poor prisoners….starve……pig farmers…on the loose…..what if all the guards can not come to work….your going to need a lot of plywood…..razor wire…to slow the zombieeees…. or not..

  8. Time Is Now!! Unite & send tredeau, trump, queen, ccp back to the evil dimension they crawled out of! Along with all other evil world leaders politicians orchestrating this evil agenda! Awaken The Masses, Unite Into Freedom, We Are One!

  9. Well never mind🤐🤔🤔🤔😑😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🤣

  10. Wow unbelievable as everything continues to develop thank you so much I hope you're well and your family as and you're cute dog sneaky booches I can finally say it right lol

  11. That's awful! It's sad to see people taking advantage of this disaster…A disaster can bring out the very best in people, and the lowest of people.

  12. Like I said when no supplies left they will come door to door. America Gun Sales went up 300% in one week.

  13. This is just the beginning I'm afraid to say. Eventually they might decide to do lights out because of this

  14. EACH SHOP OWNER NEEDS TO Just wait in the Store with a Gun… I bet they'll solve that little Break-in problem… 😉👍😁

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