Lizzo – Juice (Official Video)

The official music video for Lizzo’s “Juice” From the album ‘Cuz I Love You’ available now. Listen here: WATCH, SIP, …


  1. Come on people, I don’t understand you! You’re all out here saying that Lizzo isn’t awesome! If you’re going to be that mean just leave. Obviously I can’t tell you what to do but it’s seriously rude what some people are saying. Just listen, it’s seriously disrespectful to call anyone fat and I don’t think you realise that people have feeling. Lizzo didn’t make this amazing song to get this much hate, she did it to entertain people and boost their confidence! So stop being so mean to people that really don’t deserve it. If you all just learned how to be nice to deserving people the world would be a better place! Spread love and positivity instead of hate and negativity!

  2. I gotta admit.She kinda rubbed off on me.In the beginning I was hating.I admit it.But I found myself slowly liking her.She is confident about herself and not putting others down.There are some so called beauty Queens who don't even love themselves so they destroy anyone else around them.Lizzo is at least flaunting a section of women out there that has been shamed for a while and all the while telling the world there is nothing wrong with having a few extra pounds and having curves.👍🏾up for her

  3. Bro why are all the comments about weight the music is ite but that’s a fat bish for sure idc how you cut the pizza smh

  4. I love the body positivity here but I do find it a little troubling that the guys in the vid are super cut and sexualised….. It almost feels like it's body positive for women in the video but still presents an "ideal" male body type :/ Maybe her other stuff considers male body positivity too, I haven't seen them.

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