Liberty Haze, SO MANY TRICHOMES.. Check these SATIVA buds out (short clip)

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  1. When this channel hits 100,000 subscribers I will be giving away 10 grow lights and those lucky winners will have me on speed dial as their grow coach for one year! How cool will that be? Official details will be announced once at 90,000 subscribers.

  2. whats the best water level for aeroflo hydro systems ? the roots have reached the bottom of the tubes long time ago , should i lower the level down to lowest as possible or keep half the tubes filled up all the time ?

  3. WOW! Some of the nicest looking buds Iโ€™ve seen in a while! Purple real came through on her! Ty Barneyโ€™s farm! Now I know why this strain has been a top 10 on attitude seed banks site for the last 5-8 years! Very nice

  4. Feed schedules. My biggest challenge is knowing when to feed, how often, and its relation to PPM. If a feed at 800ppm goes in at day 1, how do you know when to feed if you're keeping ppm in mind? Once, twice, every other feed, etc..while trying to avoid deficiencies

  5. Another great job Wizard that LH looks fantastic!! Itโ€™s easy to understand why you have a waiting list for patients. Most are simply after the money not many caregivers really give a damn like you do. Another great video.

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