1. In my experience and I’ve been indoors for over 10 years out for 20 plus years minimize the number of transplanting I go from my clone machine to rockwool and as soon as the roots poke through rite to 5 gallon for dwc and 10 gallon for my soil or soilless grows. And if yields are important to you no stress no pinching or breaking low stress training tie them down I average a half lb per plant and they are less than 4 feet at harvest sometimes 3 feet 1 gram per watt

  2. those single preflowers just means a plant is mature enough to flower,
    if you flip the lights on a plant that don't have the preflowers already,
    it won't start flowering till after the preflowers come,
    they mean a plant has reached puberty

  3. I heard that when you re-veg a plant after it has flowered there is a chance it will like turn into a hermaphrodite and grow seeds. Maybe that’s what happened to your tall one 🤷‍♂️

  4. What are your lights on and off temps and Humidity?

    Girls in veg that are seemingly growing slow when your nutes are correct is often due to slightly low temperatures, girls in veg thrive in higher temps it gets their metabolism going.
    I run my veg tent at atleast 28°C/84°F with as high a humidity as possible and my girls veg out alot faster.
    Growers love from the UK. ✌🏾✌🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Mine also have does holes i think it’s because of bugs but they die off in 24hours after they hatch in the soil! Have good air flow , they’ll get scared and stay in the ground, have some sticky pads inside the pot also!

  6. Monstercropped plants are 'fun' to manage, the main thing at first is burning off (48 hours steady light usually works for me) the flowering hormone stored in the flower material left on the plant, you can also just cut it off, I find it takes less time for the plant to recover from the stress, than it does for the flowering hormone to burn off, but once they kick back in to full veg mode, they will EXPLODE, super leafy, super branchy, good for mother plants if the genetics can handle the process, most will start pulling banana pistols on you.

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