1. So good I had to watch it twice, finding it difficult to get azomite and crustacean meal were I live without it costing an 💪and a 🦵. Waiting on the next upload with bated breath .

  2. Bruh I'm loving your break down not overthinking some of us. I'm very new to the organic growing. Tried organic growing with just top dressing that didn't work out so well lol. I'm using a mix of YouTube Bio 29. My first run and so far its amazing. Always willing to learn different techniques. I have the kitchen sink in my mix lol. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Peace

  3. Great Recipe! I use the Azomite for Trace minerals. But never used the Dolomite. I will now. Love all the Calcium and Magnesium in it! Hopefully that is the solution to getting off the liquid CalMag. I like soil PH at 6.0-6.5 but I'm not growing hundreds of plants outdoors lol. Thanks Boss! great info 🇺🇸✌🌳

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