1. Never seen these dudes before, never seen their videos before. But 90 seconds in and I can just FEEL the Canadian energy emanating from these two lads.

  2. Bro 2 things bro: 1 this humor reminds me of rick in rick and morty. 2 vape does get you high as hell try serious stuff like storz and beckel plenty and its gonna be just like smoking a freaking blunt babeeeee see eehm see u soon babeeeee

  3. Lol my granny needs a vape. Thats how i get high but like liquid pen vape. I dont think yall got that up there idk

  4. I disagree about pipes and I'm a bong guy steam rollers are always nice can get huge rips out a steam roller but for my daily driver it's any one of my bongs with a ash catcher the ash catcher adds extra percolation makes it smooth plus keeps the bong clean no one likes a dirty bong cheers from Texas

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