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‘I almost felt an overwhelming sense of peace.’ — Pro-cannabis organization This Is Jane Project is helping women heal after trauma. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. So now weed is the best way to help women cope with trauma? Which means they'll be hooked on reefer instead of Xanax — how is that better? Imagine what this country would be like if every traumatized woman had to get high every day in order to cope. That's not progress or even a resolution to their problem.

  2. Counseling after trauma will help women heal, but whatever reason people use to get high! My cousin used the same reasoning when got an injury and he smoked dope, well then he upgraded to other drugs and overdosed then died, but we all know marijuana is a gateway drug, hahahaha!

  3. Black ppl have been using it since the beginning of time for physical and mental abuse that we continue to deal with on the daily bases I guess white ppl discovered this like they discovered America after they locked my dad up for 10 years for it
    It’s exhausting being black in this white mans world

  4. This is intriguing, for someone that generally hates smoking. The idea of it and even my partner smoking. But i'd like a safe space to share my trauma. I hate talking about it, it's so sad and even typing that gets me teary. Good luck with this project

  5. I had a fall three years ago that messed me up pretty good, I fractured my right eye socket over to my nose and down to my mouth, I broke my shoulder and dislocated my left leg. I also received a traumatic brain injury. I refused to take pain medicine during recovery and post surgeries because I’ve been able to use cannabis in place of opioid pain pills. I’m proud for myself yet I’m a criminal in the governments eyes. I just do t understand.

  6. Everything Trump opens his piehole, I feel like a big fat doobie is the only way to relieve the headache he causes…

  7. I can speak from experience, cannabis does help reduce the effects of trauma, however it only really masks the symptoms. Healing trauma is done by seeing a good therapist, talking openly in safe and respectful group settings, practicing yoga and good hygiene, serving others less fortunate, and allowing yourself time to meditate often on your feelings.

  8. I don't object to them starting their process of healing with cannabis; if they were under a mental health professional they might be prescribed certain drugs to accommodate stress. However one does have to be prepared to wean oneself from the crutch… what do they do when the police raid their gathering?

  9. My opinion about medical marijuana has been fairly consistent. First, the claims made by its advocates for it far exceed the evidence for its benefit, which is why I’ve referred to it as the “new herbalism.” Of course, it’s not really very new, but it is herbalism in that medical marijuana advocates make grandiose claims for using their favorite “drug” in its plant form rather than doing the standard thing that modern medicine does with natural products and try to isolate the active compounds, in this case a class of molecules known as cannabinoids. Second, although medical marijuana might have some minor utility in relieving the symptoms of chemotherapy in cancer patients, contrary to the claims of people like Rick Simpson promoting hemp oil as a cancer cure, his believers who provide anecdotes, and a large number of advocates who believe it is the next big thing in treating cancer, cannabis does not cure cancer. The bottom line: Purified cannabinoids have some promise for medicinal uses, but medical marijuana itself has little evidence to support its use and serves mainly as a politically palatable “foot in the door” for advocates to get their favorite drug legalized, and I say this as someone who thinks that marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.

  10. You do realize you can leave the cannabis out of it and replace it with any other thing like maybe prayer…. And also have a very productive and positive result

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