How much a car in Singapore costs you (with hidden costs)

Annual Mileage for Private Motor Vehicles in Singapore : Season parking (HDB, first car) …


  1. Hi guys, as mentioned by some viewers, the depreciation and instalment is double counted in the video. My mistake, and i apologise for this. if we remove deprecation from the calculation, a car costs about $1,992 per month on average :

    Instalment – $1,000
    Parking – $310
    Road tax – $62
    Insurance – $125
    Fuel – $345
    Maintenance – $150

    i should have also added in fines – because getting fined for speeding/parking illegally etc. is a part and parcel of car ownership.

    Also some of you messaged me saying you clicked on this video but you can't see it, do let me know if you can't and i'll re-upload it again. or you can join our fb car talk group and leave a post there :

    thank you !

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