1. Uncle Herb has been raided. They’ve seized his/her stock and 32 DPD parcels have been seized. They are closed for business. They are being prosecuted for sale of class B substances. Buyer beware

  2. i don't smoke cannabis very often maybe a few times a month but when i do i use a bong and no tobacco, would CBD still chill me out even tho im used to THC? im interested in trying cbd as i feel like it would be handy through the day but i couldn't do my job while high on THC.

  3. I’ve tried this fake bud it’s shite guys don’t bother just buy good strains from your own ppl get me anything beats this hemp
    I mean the weed is gen!! But it dnt come close to the real deal your just smoking bush!!!

  4. Alright mate I'm after some advice I recently made a order from uncle herb it hasn't arrived yet and the web page seems to have gone down. I have no way of contacting them should I just cross my fingers and wait.

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