1. So one time a few years ago I went to the doctor's for my physical, and the doctor saw something in my ear. I never put stuff in my ears, but lo and behold he pulls out a little rubber band, ya know the ones that come with barbie dolls for their hair. To this day I do not know how I got a mini rubber band stuck in my ear.

  2. My Gram was an ICU nurse for 30 years. She told us the same thing to never put anything in your ear. She told me not to even buy qtips to clean my ear with a wash cloth. She was so adamant and insistent about it that I never use them. I taught my kids the same thing. She said if you felt your ears need to cleaned to ask your Doctor. She never told me why just to never ever use them.

  3. Dr mike I wanna know what your opinion is on those swirly Q tips that are supposedly designed for getting wax out instead of pushing it in. Are those really safer to use or is it still a no go for cleaning out wax?

  4. When i was 3, i was at nursery and ate a mushroom off the field (nobodys fault but my own) and i was high screaming "the snails are eating me" in A&E for hours making the nurses laugh. Woops.

  5. Injuries coming from objects inserted into genitals or the rectum or used for sexual stimulation have a special term in German ERs: Morbus Vorwerk (coming from the Vorwerk vacuum cleaning machines) 😉 Source: My pathology lector in MLT school.

  6. 9:40 So I am weird. At 3 I would never have eaten a normal piece of candy, let alone a tidepod. So here's why. When I was around 3, I randomly started begging my mother for candy (called sweets where I live) . She got annoyed and also wanted to prevent tooth decay from eating too many sweets. She thought fast and gave me a hot menthol throat sweet. You know, like the ones that are unpleasant to eat but stop your throat from hurting. I had no desire for sweets for a long time after that.

  7. I hear that weird insertions is one of the most common ER visit types. Just buy a d*ldo like a normal person, they're a lot safer and healthier than remotes, lightbulbs, toothpicks, etc XD

  8. People often lie about smoking and drinking habits to doctors, as there’s a good chance that whatever complaint you have, the ‘answer’ will be “quit smoking/reduce alcohol intake and come back if it persists). I’ve lived in both the UK and Dubai and both seem to have this problem. Doctors over here (England) don’t have much time due to the chronically underfunded NHS cramming in appointments, so a quick fix is preferable in the eyes of the people running this medical circus, and Dubai seems to have a bit of an issue with lazy professionals.

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