Deadly vape pen explosions raise safety concerns

Malfunctioning e-cigarettes have been blamed for multiple injuries and even deaths. Chris D’ella joined CBSN to talk about the dangers of vape pens. His son …


  1. Ok so it was a vape mod not a vape pen. Get the headline straight because the devices are 2 different things. The most common reason why they explode because people are not educated on how to properly care for the battery.

  2. How much did big tobacco pay him,the liquid has 4 ingredients cigarette has 4000,plus if he did know no how to use the device he was using he should have not used it they just don't blow up

  3. Phones used to explode not long ago. There wasn't any ban. Why peolple always want to ban things. If people want to use those crappy things to destroy their lungs it is their problem. At least there should be a QC to ensure that events like this won't happen again.

  4. Thing is they NEVER say what they were using! Guess what in both cases it was a battery in a tube without circuitry a Mac mod. I haven’t used one of those in over 7 years, not for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.
    It’s true that the mods like that shouldn’t be sold to beginners, ya have to know what the battery spec. Is and build your coils well above that otherwise it will blow up!

  5. That initial picture I was thinking possible pretty girl and then it turned out to be a dude what the f*** is going on

  6. dont mod your e cigs honestly as well though there have been cases of e cigs being faulty have caused deaths i believe the place that sold this need to stop shipping asap the fact the industry doesnt wanna adress concerns ect ect does remind me of tobacco companies

  7. I use an $80 computer mod with a display and a $30 18650 battery with a chip that I maintain with a $80 battery charger/ conditioner for vaporizing my homegrown, pressed oil.
    I feel pretty safe.
    Never smoke Anything!
    Carbon monoxide is poison.
    Particulates cause emphysema.
    Hot gas damage cilia.
    High temperatures create carcinogenic compounds.
    Never inhale smoke (except Salvia Divanorum, it only takes a small amount… everything in moderation).
    Oh and Nicotine is an Insecticide so Obviously no one should EVER use that!

  8. Alcahol is a problem, too,because alcahol and vapors,from it,near a spark,may be a problem?but,alcahol is the biggest killer,and in KY, it is praised,and pushed,like tobacco products, to the poor,and uneducated, we are 49th,in knowledge,I wonder,how much Mitch McConnell, got from the industry?ask him,tell him to give it to the ppl,who died,I dare you,I asked them the same,about the NRA, giving mentally ill people guns.

  9. I'm guessing it was unregulated mod. They don't just explode for no reason! Most the time the battery needs to be replaced because the wrap gets damaged from taking battery in and out of the mod. There's definitely more to the story.. I'm am sorry for him and his family that he lost his life. If you use a mod you have to be responsible and know what your doing.

  10. E-Juice is NOT I SAY NOT flammable at all and his kid was a idiot and charged the "mod" via the mini usb port a very very dangerous way of charging the batteries if he was a responsible adult he would have spent the 2000 dollars on a regulated lithium battery charger the correct way of charging the batteries and fyi PG one of the ingredients is the liquid used to dispense life saving medicines into the lungs via inhaling and VG is used in most cough syrups and in 99.9% of all soaps and lotions and body care products and in huge amount of foods and candy and many other things we ingest everyday and the last two ingredients are flavorings same as all candies and then nicotine addictive yes but not harmful to the human body . these devices are meant to help people stop smoking its not a sport or made nor meant for use for fun

  11. lmfao she tried to twist the story saying it's an e-cigarette! And he corrects her and then admits he doesn't even know a lot about it. But hey, gotta support those tobacco stocks.

  12. ..everything taken in excess is harmful to health…blame on ourselves… this is a lesson to be learned from..

  13. The liquid is not highly flammable this is not true the man admits himself he doesn't know much about it perhaps he should look into the cause of his son's death a little further and start an education campaign rather than a legal campaign it is the battery health which can most often caused explosion damaged batteries should possibly be checked before vape juice is sold by the vendor faulty batteries can then be replaced consumers can then be educated

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