1. Maajid Nawaz wants cannabis legalised to provide White men with yet another distraction (Sportsball, porn, junk food, alcohol, Netflix etc) and keep them pacified rather than putting their energy into building up nationalist causes. It's legalisation is not something anyone in this movement should support.

  2. Every Muslim, Christian, and Capitalist, irrespective of their ideological assumptions, is an inherent supporter of Globalism.

  3. Nawaz's dishonest strategy was to make it into a pseudo intellectual debate about cause vs correlation, so by drawing his victim into his prearranged trap he would cause Hitchens, or anybody, to get into a gigantic muddle. Thankfully, Hitchens is not easily ruffled and saw it coming from a mile away.

  4. I agree , but I hate all the “muh conspiracy make the frogs gay and the white men docile “ stuff. I don’t buy into it .

  5. Nawaz is a liar! A complete and immovable Muslim , and will now probably continue the Muslim propaganda despite the mass murder of Sri Lankans by the religion of peace! Peter don't bother with this twat!

  6. Carl, have you ever wondered how many weed smokers follow you and have parallels in the quest for knowledge?

    You can be a sports fan and a truther too.

  7. Prominent thinkers like JB Peterson and Ben Shapiro support the legalisation of cannabis. Have Hitchens debate one of them

  8. I watched out of interest in both debaters, not support of your paranoid spin on it… probably shouldn't have

  9. Why do you say Nawaz wants to keep ‘white men pacified’? Is there a need to bring race into it? Are you an identity politics person?

    I’m inclined to agree with you on the dangers of cannabis but anyone who thinks the skin they were lucky enough to be born with gives them some special status is not exactly an intellectual colossus.

  10. If anything it has made me more engaged in politics and more confident in debate to those saying its a complete distraction, you dont become a hippy by toking a zoot that one time. Vote UKIP if you like democracy and truth and apose globalism and corporatism.
    i smoke weed all the time and can confess the negative effects are it makes you paranoid and unmotivated. But not unproductive. For example when i got back from a ski season of smoking daily and started looking for a job, continuing to smoke regularly, it took a month and days at a time id sack off to get high. However now i have a mentally and physically demanding job i can still smoke regularly and perform as well as if i wasn't smoking that week. (never at work btw, im addressing people that say it makes you groggy in the morning). When i take a month off i do feel a pull to smoke but it is comparable to not eating chocolate or mcdonalds and feeling the urge, it is not as addictive as alcohol. It also affects people hugely differently, me and my mate every other night meet up play pool and watch a movie. we only share 1 spliff before pool because even tho my mate is far bigger than me 2-3 spliffs has him asleep wheras i have to stop smoking 1.5hr before bed as it wakes me up. Clearly more research needs to be done. Decriminalize it and take that market from the drug dealers but dont sell it to us as 'its good for you' so you can overthrow the public easier. Its like anything in small amounts safe and too much your on the floor. 5 years smoking regular (every/other day) btw.

  11. They are both very much missing the point here. There is nothing wrong with legalising marijuana … the real problem is people using the Skunk version.
    Anybody who has real knowledge of the drug scene will tell you that Skunk demonstrably causes psychosis and paranoia, and other mental disorders etc … End of.

  12. I rate you Carl but I’m with maajid on this one free the weed bro I smoke it everyday and I still get shit done

  13. Carl will you stop putting that video of Majid saying he used to be a terrorist. We have all seen it loads of times and I have to keep skipping that part because I'm fed up of seeing it

  14. instead of waisting all our hard earned tax payers money on immigrents, why dont we help people afford more babys instead of making them so poor they cant afford to have cildren

  15. I'm starting to realize why his brother Christopher thought Peter was a tit. 3 million regular users in the UK.

  16. I’ve had first hand experience of a young relative who smoked this guck for years….. It definitely had an impact on his personality!!! Lots of work and time needs to be spent on this drug before it’s ever legal…. I’m with the posh guy 100% and have to give him a round of applause for not blowing his top at this condescending know it all!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  17. Narwaz or whatever pure dickhead who literally believes that the perfect paedo flew up to meet that allah guy on a winged white horse HAHA"! This is the noisy ignorant twerp who thought he could mentally spar with Peter Hitchens,This Narwaz idiot is like most BBC women presenters who talk over every guest and never LISTEN to a word.

  18. Bollocks, the country becomes rich and people stop having families. Both men and women need to work full time, just to keep a roof over their heads. Children are not an option. Strangely minorities have loads of kids. How do they afford them?

  19. Carl, lost me here. Legalisation should be a unanimously agreed upon issue. War on drugs is our current approach, and it's clearly not working. Funds crime, forces addicts to do bad, and for those who use it recreationally and responsibly, are put into a situation where they have to use a black market.

    This exposes your blind demonisation of people rather than ideas. You disagree with Majid on everything and that tells me your vindictive because of who he is, rather than the individual merit of his ideas. You need to focus on ideas, rather than individuals otherwise you'll continue to get embarrassed on LBC.

  20. I usually agree with Peter but not in this case. People should have the right to put whatever they want in their bodies. Cannabis is one of the most powerful plants in the world and can do wonders for people.

  21. Legalising cannabis would be catastrophic for mental health. I grew up around people that smoked everyday and some of them have had dreadful mental health issues later on.

  22. Not really sure why you call Maajid a narcissistic psychopath, I generally find him pretty reasonable and he gets crap from all sides, mostly islamists and the far left.

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