Breach of Contract: Protecting Doctors During COVID-19 (w/Kyle Claussen)

Doctors around the country are reporting violations of their employment contracts in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. From non-competes to …


  1. Dealing with that now. Had a week left on contract. Contract says they have to give 30 day notice. They are being resistant to paying out last week. 4 other people have 3+ months and due 30 days on theirs. I’m not backing down, but they are making it very difficult. I expect that week of pay. I have a 6month contract starting Monday, but worried they’ll cancel me soon too. One hospital I was at bragged about being plus 17 million for last fiscal year, but are cutting people too. Good admin is few and far between.

  2. We're asked to work huge amounts of hours (I saw patients for 84 hours last week) and I heard on the news (before I heard from my administrators) that our pay for salary workers was being cut 25%. Anybody else having the same experience?

  3. My hope is after all the abuse actual care providers are enduring, and after these atrocities are litigated, doctors and nurses own a controlling share of the facilities where they practice. Nothing improves morale like employee ownership.

  4. I’m a 3rd year med student and I keep hearing whispers about young residents who are dying (Detroit, NYC, etc) due to lack of PPE, but I haven’t seen any official news articles. Are these stories true? If so, are they hiding this from the public? I get that we were designed to be abused in our medical training from the bottom up, but this seems particularly malignant.

  5. An issue that should be addressed: people in public attacking/confronting Health Care workers because they are out in public wearing scrubs. Some people in the public are afraid & act unwise out of their fear of Covid 19.

  6. My Daughter is a PA…..and Just started at a new hospital closer to home .She was working 24 hr shifts in Baltimore MD. About an hour and a half drive away. Now she is on call for $ 8.00 hr…..My grand Daughter at 16 makes more money at Chic fillet….$11.40 hr……It just blows my mind..She is there exposing her self to this virus 🦠 everyday…..🤪😜🦠 Crazy!

  7. Husband is a radiologist, his pay was just cut 20%. He has a non compete clause. Although they are in breach of contract, there is no company hiring radiologist right now b/c no screening or elective procedures. Lexington KY.

  8. If you’re blaming hospital administrators look one level up. Your admins want to pay you as much as they can. Try dealing with UHC, BCBS, Aetna, etc. to get increased reimbursement. What’s missing here is the discussion of how the insurance agency policies factor in. It’s a nightmare.

  9. I have come to the conclusion is that these provider companies have this mind set of 2 to 3 he turn over. I feel they are incentivised to create an environment of burn out. MD should ask all that they want in writing and if they do not be ready to walk out. Simple. But understand that will require some solid pair of ⚽⚾🥎🏀🏐🏈

  10. The ultimate losers are the patients. In the past eight years, I've gone through seven PCPs, three psychiatrists, and four ob/gyns. I currently don't have a gyn. My PCP is hospitalized himself with covid19, as are two nurses from his office. My sister lost an excellent pediatrician. She got fed up with the protocols that didn't serve her patients' best interest and the hours of clicking instead of patient care, so she quit and is currently in school to become a veterinarian specializing in horses.

  11. Thank you for another excellent topic of discussion AND I love your interview style 🙂 I especially loved the way your eyes lit up when you were speaking with Dr. Patrick . I am so thankful that I still have a private practice .for how long …..?? Love you, keep up the good work..BZ

  12. I'm seeing Instagram stories about travel nurses whose crisis pay contracts were canceled in the hardest hit states because "it's no longer a crisis" if there are nurses from other areas of the medical field that are at home. Then the hospital reposts the position at a low rate. It's absolutely outrageous how healthcare workers are being treated during this.

  13. Been through this too many times. Go to a small hospital that REALLY needs you. Then be involved, make yourself indispensable. Not as hard as you think as so many of us are burned out and simply check in and check out. Contract renewals become much easier and you can command a better deal…. They won't want to lose you.

  14. I know you've got hope to collaboratively change a system that could use a 'lil crash&burn. Despite all the valid criticism, you still authentically & influentially communicate hope. Blessings on that energy level & mind of yours.

  15. I have multiple family members and friends that work at the local hospitals and are first responders. Our county hospital only had 1 type of N95. Many employees don't fit in either of the two sizes. There was talk of getting a different type to try to fit those employees but that never happened. The not for profit chain hospital had a lot of the same issues but they got actual respirators for their employees who would have possible contact with Covid-19 patients.
    Meanwhile, someone I know, who works in ICU, doesn't fit in the N95. Only 5 nurses on the floor fit the masks. But they don't have enough so they are sharing and reusing masks. And people who don't fit the masks are having to take care of the rule out Covid-19 patients. It's rediculous. And, of course, the county hospital admin has no healthcare experience.
    Our motto should be, "I'm in healthcare, let me bend over".

  16. Yes! This video is perfect! I had this discussion with my wife about how I was hired full time, with a 40hr/week guarantee w/ benefits as CRNA with an anesthesia group. 2 weeks ago, all the CRNAs have been reduced to working 1 day a week and many have furloughed. We have non-compete clauses in our contract as well, but I had no clue what it REALLY meant. The anesthesia group has been in business for over 20 years…how did they not have reserves for a time like this is beyond me! The way they are treating us now, will definitely impact my future practice decisions.

  17. Hospital administrators hide behind "mission" and their lawyers, they lie, and then they try to screw every single doctor that they "partner" with. They are not be trusted. Ever. Hospital administrators exist only to protect their own jobs and to earn their own way up the corporate ladder. They are not friends to doctors.

  18. “For profit” non profit hospitals acting completely irresponsibly by keeping non essential outpatient services open while not providing even masks for workers. I left the field of addiction because of this money mongering of big systems.

  19. my daughter works in a hospital who told her today they are making wearing masks for all mandatory?? that it’s airborn ?? can you please address that new situation if it’s even real ty

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