🤔How To Celebrate 420 At Home

How do we celebrate 420 at home during this time of lockdown? I’m about to show you some cool ways to stay in touch with the homies, and have a fun 420 …


  1. Smoke for me bro. I’m still in probation for using medicine. Only 2 more years 🥴. Can’t wait to get off and I’m getting high out of my mind. This will be a funny story when I look back and I’ll just see it as a massive tb. 😬 CHEERS. Stay high bro be thankful because it could be taken away just like that. 💪🙂

  2. I'm glad you got everything up and running after you hickup last year. I can't wait for the live stream. I'm saving my whole rec until 4/20 🙂

  3. I started fucking around with muscle relaxers and alcohol. God damn this shit has me floating stronger than weed. It’s scary as fuck. I miss weed a good indica high and nothing else.

  4. Bong pong…. Good Lord, I wouldn't last very long…. Always great to hear your cheerful voice and smiley face buhhhddy!!

  5. hey brother 😂 harvesting lemon headz tomorrow hopefully its good to smoke by 4/20 haha. enjoying the content man keep it up!

  6. Since my tolerance break. I’m looking at getting into a new career. I’m free of THC. It’s like why get high when I can make more money and move out of my moms place.

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