Weight Loss Plateaus Simplified Using Bowling Averages!!

Weight Loss Plateaus Simplified Using Bowling Averages!! Hey everyone!! Thanks for watching this week #9 video pertaining to my 12-week Sexification 2020.


  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! 3 weeks to go and therefore 3 videos remaining in Sexification 2020. I hope everyone finds this explanation simple and easy to understand about weight loss plateaus, and let me know if there are any questions. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe with everything going on at the moment. We still have a few more weeks of videos already filmed from 2019 and my sister and I's January trip to Italy, and I hope you all enjoy them!!

  2. Hello my friend. Congrats on the weight loss. I know the struggle. I'm 5' 11" and i weighed 270. Well i said no more and now weigh 216.. I like where I'm at. So keep up the good work. You look great 👍 You can see it in your face. See you at the end of your 3 weeks.

  3. Lol there’s no secret to losing weight when you’re this big already. Just eat one less meal a day. One less cake, one less entire casserole, one less pot of chilli, one less mixing bowl or whatever the fuck eating challenge you’re talking on a day. HELL, even eating one less eating challenge a week and actually only consuming what your body really needs to maintain (going to just take a wild guess that it’s somewhere around the 3000kcal mark) is enough for you to lose 10lb a month. You Americans make me sick.

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