1. Hey lovely people, a couple things I forgot to mention in this video (bc it's long af lol):

    The Keystone Pipeline leaked 9,000 barrels of oil into the wetlands of North Dakota a couple months ago and no one is talking about it because of Coronavirus.

    The BP Deep Horizon oil spill was recently found in the past couple months to be 30% larger than originally thought. No ones talking about that either.

    Coronavirus symptoms for MOST PEOPLE are just plain 'ol cold symptoms. You may get it and not even know! Nothing crazy. The media just wants you to freak out as if it is some serious disease like cancer.

    I am putting links for all of this stuff in the description if you'd like to read up on it (and you should want to). I am also putting a link for one of my favorite spiritual healers, Teal Swan. She made a great video explaining narcissism in relation to coronavirus.

    Please stay safe. Wash hands and social distance yourself. But more importantly, stay calm, stay positive, and keep your head up. THIS WILL PASS! And please guys, do NOT buy or wear masks/hoard food/hoard cleaning supplies/hoard hand sanitizer. There are people out there (medical professionals too) that need it WAY MORE than you do! BE A COMMUNITY!

    xoxo Ariel

  2. conspiracy: weed gods invented carona virs to bring everyone closer to the weed. we r litterally gonna be on lockdown/quarentine all the month of april aka the month that it's 4/20 all month. thers no place like home for the holiblaze🍃

  3. Yeahh, I don't buy that it was just some dude who ate a bat. That's ridiculous to me. This had to be a desperate last-ditch effort by the powers that were. Good news is, I don't think they would've pulled this unless they were REALLY about to go down. I think things will reveal themselves soon and that disclosure will happen on a global scale. I see a very bright future after this.

  4. Okay I thought it was weird too that I don’t know anyone who has it! Like I live in a pretty average size town and they said we have 24 cases but how come I don’t know any of them when I’ve grown up in this town my whole life?! I think they are lying about the numbers just to hype it up even more.

  5. What baffles me is that Corona doesn't effect children, the Virus came from Wuhan which is where the Wuhan Institute of Virology is. You lose taste and smell and hearing in some cases which is also really weird. This just seems so odd.

  6. sis i love listening to ur talks so much ur energy is so calming and stimulating at the same time. pls never stop making vidoes🥺🥺🥺 if i had money i would litrertally donate to u

  7. you and so many of us are doing our best <3 , and it IS making changes and slowly making progress in our world. more and more people are waking up and seeing the brokenness of the world around us, and waking up to the POWER within them to Actually Do Something about it. and how the small 'do something about it's are also amazing. like talking to a friend about it, sharing your frustrations on youtube, reaching out and helping local environmental advocacy groups, all of these things help raise the awareness and ACTION and more and more our world is changing for the better.

    stay positive
    be kind to each other
    keep LOVE in your heart

    mi amor, you are out here too doing that work! thank you for trying your best to stay positive and transmit a positive view to those who watch you!

    we love the long vids

  8. theres so many environmental orgs working more and more right NOW to get real change going. 100% renewable energy

    look into extinction rebellion, fridays for future (there might even be a local group near you you can get involved in)

  9. 6:20 you are right , but what if the infected people just keep spreading it? imagine you dont stop and ypu are carrying the virus but dont know until 15 days later and in that 15 days that you carried the virus you had contact with around 50 people and each of those 50 had contact with another 50 and so and so. Yes other diseases are killing more people yearly but for example you dont get HIV/AIDs by touching somebody else or sneezing, etc. so just practicing social distancing for a while, i know the economy is gonna go down but what is better health or money. if you die you cant use your money.

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