"We Have No Food for You" – Insiders on Food Supply Shortages

Farmers and ranchers are in fear of labor shortages resulting from border closures and quarantines promised for next 18+ months. Without labor, “We do not …


  1. Eisenhower park in long island ny says it's open for things like golf BUT HAS CLOSED ALL ITS BATHROOMS causing a health HAZARD…

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  2. Dont forget if you want to be helpful and save lives, warn people that anyone infected using a respirator mask with the exhale valve will infect everyone around them so dont think your safe because people wear masks.

  3. Industrialized Farming has killed the Earth! Stop Using Monsanto and patenting Seeds and go back to real growing and not poisoning the soil, water and air!!
    Earth Provides even with the population if Humans didn't Poison our Earth๐ŸŒ And we need to STOP raising the animals in inhumane ways as well!!

  4. Start using the 30 million illegals already in this country, to help the farmers. If these illegals will not work, then send them back to where they came from, at their expense.

  5. Here in Australia we have lived drought, fires and floods, affecting food production across the board. My own garden has suffered greatly, also the death of half my fruit trees. Now there are pretty well no plants or seeds to be found in shops anywhere near me, they are gone. Food and water are the currencies of humanity, not the things of consumerism that seem to have taken over.

  6. Come to Christ because this world is ending soon. See John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 on how to have a relationship with God and eternal life in paradise. Don't trust Bill Gates or the worlds elite
    Revelation 13:16-18 – And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads."

  7. We have now about two weeks lockdown overhere in Belgium but can someone explain me why in 90% of our grocerie stores 90% of the shelves are still empty and not getting restocked ? Later on this week i will post some photos.

  8. I guarantee you that the flood of overproduced food when ready also makes it bad. Better to go for shelf food in the short term then driven down prices of over produced fresh food. Itโ€™s an awful balance that is hard to make a correct decision.

  9. 1970s Henry Kissinger said they would control the food control the people.the mark of the beast for a small box of food with half the calorie count needed.let the rioting begin just make sure you go after the people who did this.hahahaha.Coronavirus.u.s. patent office 2006 chiron corp. And all the over lords you all worship.

  10. Start training local people you always want experience to work on your farms find people willing to work and start training them for the job. I always applied for farm jobs but always got turned away because of no experience. Start training in workers and you will have workers.

  11. Time for the Millennials to get out of their parents basement and start harvesting crops like many of us Boomers grew up doing before Migrants were allowed to invade America.

  12. flooding? plant WATER CRESS. stores don't have it. I can't grow it because too much water is needed to grow it. hence flooding conditions are perfect. Grow rice. We have swamps that could be converted to grow rice and water cress, which is load in vitamin C to combat bioweapons.

  13. make a garden, now now now. Nurseries have food plants, and seeds. The best collection of seeds you've ever seen. your old cotton non- GMO T-shirts in the soil hold water so well for minimal watering. you should not have donated it to the Good Will donation stores that are REPLACING food stores in droves by me in past 2 1/2 years FOR some cloaked reason. your agrobacterium cotton T-shirts will cause cancer in your soil, therefore into your plant food!!!

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