1. Hey friends! Since I’ve just seen this comment. I thought I should address the topic. I know most you know me by now. I’m not a privilege asshole. My mentioning how certain items were substituted. I wanted you all to know, that not to think you can’t stay on plan if you can’t find your preferred items. Get what you can and make it work. I get these are stressful times and fear brings out the ugly in people. Stay safe friends. ❤️

  2. Hi, I'm in Ontario Canada. We are on lock down as of today. I did an online grocery order. They told me we can't get groceries until Saturday. That is 4 days out. They also said we may be limited on how many things we can purchase. I'm still waiting for an e mail back from the grocery store to see what we can get. We did PC express. Our Walmart is tiny so it's empty . Thank you for helping us.

  3. First world problems, I usually grab lots keto items in the USA with the borders closed means no Bang etc. Ugh so jealous I so could have used it today at work. I think tomorrow is making body butter and dish soap. My hands are so dry from washing my hands so much at work.

  4. I'm in southern MInnesota, all our stores are fully stocked with food, no shortages on anything…but toilet paper is still being hoarded…but the toilet paper is starting to come back and actually stay on the shelves.

  5. Giiirl! You know we gotta have the Vienna Franks! Chicago style baby!! And your sister is gonna come for you putting that Aussie in your hair!🤣🤣 Look out!! Gr8 haul and not bad price at all! And yes people Stay Home and do your duty!! I never seen outlander. Ima check it out now! Love you babe!! 😘✌ I appreciate all of the workers out there!

  6. Hello! Here in MI we are on mandatory shut down as of last night, so the stores were crazy yesterdsy. I hauled @ Coscto this afternoon & hit it @ the right time. It was not busy & everyone was mindful except a group of three Arabic men. I geared up w/mask & gloves. I buy my meat @ a meat market, but he is emptied out. Luckily, I picked up fish @ Costco though. Thanks for your tips, it helps me so much! Stay safe.

  7. Hey Daniela. Thanks for sharing. I love watching your channel. I had to get groceries yesterday. I got everything that I wanted except eggs. Not one to be found at ALDI. So far I have been staying Keto. Sometimes it may be dirty keto but it is still keto. Well until next time, take care and you and your family stay safe. Love you guys.❤❤

  8. Hey Daniele. Can I start by saying you bomb AF. Still putting out content and taking care of home too. I contact you IG all the time. I'm the one with the asthma. I'm doing much better. I love seeing your videos especially the hauls. I just told my fiance today that were doing instacart next time. He's been laid off and he's been the one to go out the stores. I've been home almost 2 weeks now. I ain't playing no games.

  9. I'm in NY and the grocery store was ok. My hubs and I went at 530am and there was already a line forming. Our grocery store let's the seniors shop from 6am-7am… and then opens it up to everyone else. I thought that was nice! And they put paper products on pallets at the front door so that you could see exactly what's available. It was nerve wracking to say the least. Keeping the recommended distance was hard and everyone was still talking to each other. I get it though, dont want to be rude but… Very thankful to have purchased groceries and supplies. We'll have to go again in 2 weeks. Praying for everyone, stay safe and healthy everyone🙏.

  10. I did Instacart from Sam's Club for the first time today, too. It went pretty well except, of course, still no toilet paper and disinfectant anything anywhere yet. I am the divorced mom of 2 young adult sons, one who is severely disabled, and besides, help the Mpls Native American homeless – so, got them several items for the kids' lunches since no school. So, just had them down to pick up pb, jelly, cookies, chips, fruit cups, fruit, hot dogs, crescent roll dough, tortillas, refried beans, black beans, water, tuna, mayo, frozen pizzas, ziplock bags, some laundry soap, and had made some homemade Chicken Corn Chowder for them, too, as corn is one of their staples. I also order from Schwan's – a bit spendier, but they have meats. I admit, I have slipped off of my keto diet with all of this c virus stuff going on, as I am an emotional eater when nerves are frayed. But it hasn't hurt me. Back on the keto now though. Everyone keep safe and healthy!!! Love all your recipes, Daniela!!! Gonna make the Chicken Jalapeno Popper dish later this week. 🙂

  11. Just be thankful you are safe and well
    The food will be restocked later and you can buy all the types of food you want..just get what you need to survive first
    First let's just get thought this.

  12. They've stopped grocery deliveries and pick ups in my area due to inconsistent stock. It sucks because I'm doing our shopping and my in laws shopping and I hate having to go several places in order to find eggs or bread. I have kids and I don't want to keep exposing myself when I go out.

  13. I'm hoping for the best for us all. I'm feeling a bit under the weather (sore neck, head ache, and a bit of stomach distress). I sort of feel hungover without the fun of drinking. I'm roasting chuck roast for soup just in case I need soup. I wish I had those radishes. That would be great in beef soup.

  14. You have a beautiful complexion…your skin is like porcelain! Great haul! We are down to bare bones with groceries! This has gotten tough…I am a server and rely on tips but haven't worked in over a week! I have been keto but had to eat pasta last night because well…you do what you have to when the fridge is almost empty! Stay safe and healthy!!

  15. Memphis is on lockdown starting at 6pm today. 😳 I noticed this morning about the Walmart pickup so I'm going to get everything together and place order at midnight or first thing before the crack of dawn. Also thinking of doing a Sprouts or whole foods order. So glad I have Amazon prime.

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