Wake & Bake America 996: Cannabis Sales & The Pandemic, & Starbucks Dabbuccino Lawsuit

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  1. I have alot of friends that are hunters and none of us are upset when we don't harvest an animal. Its about much more than that. In fact most of the time we see and take nothing. Most hunters the same. Its about watching the woods wake up around you, or walking with a buddy or family member. Theres always a story(good or bad) and the memory is yours forever. Thats why we hunt. But, I know people who are killers, not hunters, that get upset when they dont kill an animal. So I get what your saying Guru, but don't paint all of us with the same brush. Love you vuddy..hope everyones well and safe with the ones you love! Thanks for everything DGC! Growers love 👊💨

  2. Our government allowed the sale of our largest pork provider Smith-field to be sold to the Chinese a few years back, pork's been on the slide since in america bc china closed most of our industrial hog barns down that Smith-field owned and stopped importing pork form the USA, they used to import 80% of there pork from the USA, china was after the industrial hog farming technology, they are about to buy Dean Foods the USA's largest dairy provider as well, Fiat owns Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Case IH, New Holland, and are about to own John Deer and they own Iveco Industries. America doesn't build a factory over the border anymore we just sell the whole company to other countries.

  3. I tell you.. If I was in the wild I'd pick Dude over Scotty & Guru.. Any day hahaha. Dude knows his mushrooms and mountain bikes 👍

  4. I was tripping on acid running through plus 15s and ran into a piece of glass and went flying on my ass, in front of a wedding reception, just got up and skipped away

  5. Ahh a good morning, new Wake and Bake and a fine cup of coffee and a fat j. I am usually not worth talking to till after this morning ritual. I always click the like button when i can remember too I dont know what it does either but i like everything else online you guys actually deserve the upvote.

  6. Always hitting that like Thumbs up immediately!! I don’t even wait to hear tbe episode! Ppp! Damn I WOULD LOVE TO BE THE “intern” in this GROUP!!! Come on boys!! Y’all taking on any protégés??? It would be an AMAZING HONOR if that’s something younllnkknkierrtn o

  7. Hey Scotty I lived on 441 out behind fort drum saloon if you know where that is and again may not be there anymore, that was in 81 til 83 we drank beer, smoke alots of that airplane weed and hunted hogs. Best time in my life.

  8. Scotty/Guru how about making a video about making a hempie buckets, I had pneumonia and was down for a month or so and my grow in my 4×4 didn't get the attention they needed and now I'm feeling better and don't ever won't this to happen again.

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