Volunteer Conversation, what is your Social Security? Police Officer Chow is get's owned

PORTLAND OREGON 2019 MAR 23 Son Hightower and the adventures withthe Portland Police Academy Portland Police Officer “cho,chow”) gets schooled.


  1. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and they make up their own
    "laws" to intimidate.  Never
    believe or trust anything the police say to you.  They are not there to help.  They are there to take your money, take your
    freedom, or take your life.  They are not
    your friend, and they are not your buddy. 
    They are arrogant, self-important, self-serving, entitled, under
    educated, under trained and over paid. They are the enemy, and the sooner
    everyone understands that, the better off we will all be.  Always video and/or audio all encounters with
    the blue Nazis.  It's the only weapon we
    have to protect our rights and our freedom……and our physical well-being.

  2. I understand wanting to hold cops accountable but You're being a douche in this video.. Not defending this cop at all but all of this was completely unnecessary …

  3. Chow's family doctor fought with the social services for a long time after he was born….pleading with them to change the spelling of his name to…………………. LITTLE BOLLOX……even at that stage the doctor knew………………

  4. Portland Oregon police department is filled with Assholes liars cheats and thieves. Gang Stalkers and they use their current weapons on innocent people in their home's.. Truth.. I've researched their structure for years since they came into my life to do harm for no reason..They gave me a reason to report on their Dark Triad Machiavellian behavior.. psychosociopaths who think nothing of killing indiscriminately.
    Yeah nepotism does run rampant at the Portland Oregon Police Department..
    Officer bad dog chow.. what's wrong with these men and women that they feel compelled to ass it up like they do and lie about people. My cousin worked on city counsel. When I mentioned it the officer said you can go to him but I doubt it will do you any good.. Like he knew beforehand. Right officer? I'm no liar but you are. I knew going to internal affairs would do nothing but being asked if I had a psyche evaluation because you lie? Bad form mental health division. I was repeatly robbed and abused.. That's not mental illness that is abuse. I can safely say that you are guilty as my X husband Robert B Johnson cash register sales co. Of abuse and obstruction of justice. I know liability law… does that make me mentally ill sir. I don't think so and the abuse by law enforcement agencies of Oregon continues to this day. Slander goes both ways..

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