Vegging A Cannabis Plant For 10 Months!? + New LED Grow Light!!

In this video, I talk about vegging a cannabis plant for 10 months, things I like & don’t like about the ROI-E680 LED grow light, and a new LED grow light that i’ll …


  1. What's the longest you've vegged a plant for? Do you keep mother plants to cut clones from? Edit: I should have explained it better in the video but the reason why the plant is small is because I frequently cut branches off the plant for clones. I purposely kept the plant small to conserve space which is why it was kept in a 1-gal container for most of its life.

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  2. Hey brother my photo period is over 5 months old I thought she was an auto as that’s what I paid for an so I had to flip her to flower and she is doing great ill be doing a new video soon

  3. Well longest mother last year vegged for 6 months made about 20 clones..this month motherplant is 5 months and have 16 clones both mothers were sativa dominant

  4. My first grow took about this long lol. My plants are growing at a slow rate, how can I speed things up. I’m in veg stage but should be in flowering by now. I have gems and autos, the autos are beginning to flower, but most of my plants look like they’re three weeks old. I’m beginning to worry, could someone offer advice?

  5. Hello my friend, I want you cannabis cultivation program Indian full number of hours of lighting temperature and climate appropriate medicines and everything I hope you can improve the language so that I was translation

  6. That many days and veg? that's the smallest mother plant I have ever seen. I've had mother plants as long as 4 in 5 years they never were that small. I cloned every 60 days. I guess that's the difference between Coco and soil. Coco is the only way to go. General Hydroponics 3 pack. Ph 5.8 sweet spot Water, feed, tea. LED suck. 1000watt mh for veg 1000watt hps for flower. Bigger bed buds. 1 hitter quitter.

  7. You are one of my favorite growers here on YouTube….I live in a legal State as well (Illinois) let’s connect some time I’d love to pick your brain about growing some time.

  8. What a great video bro! This was well edited, very informative and quite entertaining. Way to keep your content at 💯 bro!
    Much love and keep at it! You’re making a difference!

  9. Motherplant, so why don´t you call it like that. I expected a hugh, or very bushy plant ! Did you tried to cut the bloom and bring it back to vag? I had to, because forest was to dark and wet. All togehter, almost 12 month of lifing 😉 ! And , i have to say, the stress was helpful, more flowers and better hit !

  10. The question is, are you growing a plant for clones or are you vegging a plant ? When people say to me there are vegging, i assume they will flip to flower. When people have mother plants… well maybe that's just me.

  11. Nice video man, I’m coming up on 2 months of veg from some bag seeds of candyland. They are still pretty short but have about 8 tops each only topped once. Pretty happy with the progress so far but can’t wait to flip to veg. Most likely jumping from my 2gal pots to 5 or 7 gal to flip them into my 4×8 tent under two nextlight megas.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to make quality videos for us. I know how something like this takes hours upon hours to make and that your channel isn't even monetized. You deserve sponsors paying you for your hard work at least. Your hard work shows in your videos and you're an inspiration.

  13. Thank u people laugh at it but like I did it with my grease monkey went like 10 months too but the bud was still really good no cloning from it just a big Bush

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