1. I like Planet Oat Extra Creamy. I actually love cows milk but I'm lactose intolerant. I am not a fan of the almond flavor and that oat milk taste most similar to cows milk.

  2. Whose here cuz they thought the rest of the sentence "the truth about oat…" -was gonna say "the truth about oat meal" and now r like what the heck? I love whole COW milk yummy protein. Yummy carbs. Yummy fat.

  3. being lactose intolerant, I don't care… oat, almond, soy, rice, walnut, all the same to me, I just buy whatever's cheapest…. and, sorry but ((oat milk)) never is, so I've never had it, never bought it…. don't buy coconut milk either, as it just is not "plain" tasting enough, I love coconut, but NOT when the taste wayyyy over-powers the taste of anything else….

    going back to oat milk, as long as other brands and flavors are cheaper, chances are I'll probably never have oat milk…. as, generic soy and generic almond milk for years and years have always been by far the cheapest….

  4. I make my own oat milk w fruits and honey but i dont soak it overnight. Pulse for 40seconds in blender. I also had flax seed and gorund eggshells for extra nutriton. Almond is also delicious but sadly almonds uses more water

  5. I literally just decided to partake in Oat Milk this past week; I've been on Almond for about 4 years now and I wanted to try other non dairy milk sources. I am not into Soy milk though. tried that in college for a little while; didn't work out for me in the long run. so I drink Almond, Cashew and Oat now 🙂

  6. I think it’s to good to be true and I’m vegan. But there’s almond and all, but no product is ever healthy – it’s all about moderation
    And I still drink almond milk so leave my almond milk alone thanks
    And I don’t like oat milk quit honestly

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