1. I NEVER comment on YouTube but this latest vid… WOW!!! Accountability is the word! The moon reflecting our shit back to us, YES!!! And I guess I can’t join the android resistance movement anymore… that was a close one 🙃

  2. i honestly have lost my emotions. I have none. No interest in dating and I have been wondering why I can not feel much of anything for anyone trying to date me or start a relationship. I can't make myself give a fuck and I don''t know where to find my heart or emotions. I would definitely love to care about and love someone again but its been years and I don't how to find this feeling again…..its really sad that so many years of abandonment and abuse has left me numb.

  3. Amen sister keep preaching your word is truth shining upon the damp waters we shall rise up in this like a Phoenix from the fire our ashes shall lay down the old and only those with activated hearts shall unite for the higher good of the collective

  4. So I guess it was AI that put this video in front of me when I have been asking for more clarity. I was thinking “ Intelligence “, not artificial just before you said it. I wish we were neighbors!

  5. The mind doesnt create, is you who creates. The mind only stops you from being you. Is a software, where you storage the programation. Just a thought from this video

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