The Life and Loss of Ben, Our Other Best Friend

An embodiment of mythicality and curiosity, the veil is fully lifted on the story of R&L’s childhood friend Ben Greenwood. R&L look back on the trio’s friendship …


  1. I think we can all agree that Ben is the truest mythical beast. Enigmatic, mysterious, elusive- we can only grasp him by his essence, by his myth. As a myth, he continues to live on in tales, and continuously guide R and L in their journey, a tinge of his being in all that they do. Just like a myth, it is rare, unbelievable even, that they actually existed- hearing that such a person existed is hard to believe. It's mythical.

    Ben never truly passed. With the conviction R and L speak of B, they could make a myth sound like history- make the mythical a reality. And with the success they have built up to today, its not hard to believe that they succeeded. Long live Ben!

    "Having been is also a kind of being, and perhaps the surest kind (V. E. Frankl)."

  2. 8 years ago I had a dramatic emergency and surgery, and unfortunately I have had the same thing as you did to Ben, I can’t work anymore and I feel like people have forgot about me. When friends or work friends see me they are excited and happy, but people I thought I meant a lot to, people who I saved their jobs or helped them through drug issues etc. It just feels ok I’m not hurt by it, I understand people are busy and have their own lives.
    Take care and keep up good laughs

  3. You know how with your children one is a 'cuddler' and to the other a cuddle is just a 'wink'? The small things are so meaningful? You can't really wrap your arms around and hold on? I think that's what we are with God. Sometimes we can't take the constraint of being held with all the touch and feels. It's too much depth. But we're still God's child and he is still showing us love. We still belong and He is still The Father even if we're sitting at his feet and not in his lap, or even if we're on the chair across the room looking across face to face rather than wrapped up arm in arm. You gave your best. He gave his best. Different 'best' isn't wrong 'best'. And no one has to give 'us' their answer. Their answer is 100% between them and God. As long as God knows your heart, I think He absolutely works with what you have to give. God is Love. He doesn't demand roses. He will embrace the dandelion gone to seed. He values and created us all.

  4. I have been on both sides of this situation in my life: having a relationship with someone who has become sick and being the sick person myself. It is just hard. I haven’t found all the answers. Now, I often have to do more work to track down my “healthy” friends because they are busy with work and other relationships. Sometimes I love hearing about their lives and sometimes it can make me feel like I am missing out. Sometimes I really want to talk about my health. Sometimes I want to just goof off. Being open to talking about the challenges of the relationship has the potential to help. To me, and I believe to most people, connection is so important, so its worth working through the awkwardness. Thanks for making this to encourage me to fight for that connection regardless of which side of the relationship I find myself on. Really appreciate the podcasts you are putting out, guys. Thank you so much.

  5. Your childhood is so oddly similar to mine except for that I grew up on the western side of North Carolina hanging out in the woods. But then when you brought up Fu Schnickens… shit got weird!

  6. Your ability to have perspective over that whole situation is remarkable. I think it’s really impressive and important to realize how drastically you’ve grown as people and as men to be able to see the error in your ways; to recognize and to repent in a way for that. I think he knows that you see the world differently now. I think he knows he has made you better people, and you should be proud of that.

  7. Wow.. I just finished this and its so beautiful. The hurt and the love rhet and link both have for ben is just amazing. Death is horrible.
    I wish i had friends like rhet and link

  8. You guys talk about how important he was to you, but I can tell you that he must have been so blessed to have 2 friends who loved him like you did. It sounds like he was able to completely be himself around you and that is an invaluable gift.

  9. Rhett, you were not wrong in wanting the best for your friend so please don't regret that. Some comments are saying you don't hold the same faith that you used to. I hope that's not true. You planted a seed in Ben and it's up to God to water that seed. A lot of people are saved on their deathbeds. Don't turn your back on God, Rhett. You and Link are good people. Heaven would be a little more fun with you guys there.

  10. I admire your candor. I can tell this was an emotional draining experience. But also in the long run healing too. It's good that you guys let this out, figure some of events out together, and make some sort of sense out it. Thank you for opening up your lifes experiences and sharing them in this manner.

  11. There is no “right” way to deal with death and dying. I think many of us have regrets when it comes to that. I’ve dealt with the death of all four of my grandparents and each time was just as hard and came with a different kind of feeling. But it’s beautiful in the way you guys have truly honored his life, and he would have been proud.

  12. Rhett and Link had a cry hug after this. I’m sorry boys. This is the first war biscuits I’ve listened to all the way through, and I’ve been watching GMM for years. Only now do I see you two in a new light, and I’m sure Ben would be in tears about how far you’ve taken your brand, you’ve made everyone proud, including me. Thank you for being the light in the world instead of casting a shadow.

  13. There is nothing wrong with trying to ease someone's death. Let him hold onto some hope before he passes. Maybe there's an afterlife. I'm agnostic and I live my life very skeptical of an afterlife but life is weird in itself. We all find out alone.

  14. About 10 years later than you, I was a high schooler with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (now more properly called Myalgic Enciphalomyelitis to reflect the sliiightly better understanding we have of it) and the entire high school and on portion of this podcast was… painful and enlightening in near equal parts.
    I lost my friends slowly over the years, just like Ben. Our paths diverged when I was switched to homeschooling because I couldn’t make it to class. I saw their lives evolve on Facebook, of course the mid-2000s equivalent to your emails, but I always felt distant. I missed so much of my life and am still missing it in many ways. This has reframed some of my thoughts on how they might have felt, things that might have kept them away.
    At the beginning of this podcast, I thought Ben had died as a child. That’s something I could have relayed to from your point of view. Not Ben’s. This is… I don’t know. It hurt me? The loss he must have felt, and your guilt about it both. “We were ten minutes away from his house.” I’m sorry, to all of you. Thanks for making this story public.

  15. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Ben. I've also pondered what happens after death, and I've come to the thought recently, that perhaps you pick up where you left off, in another universe, after passing away. Perhaps Ben is still living his life with you guys in another universe.

  16. This hits hard because ive had this person. I had a sort of a Ben. But when youre young, you don't know better…you can only just be glad for the time you got to spend together. Even if it wasnt enough time at all

  17. Ben Greenwood died on November 29, 2009, at age 32. He's buried at Harnett Memorial Park in Lillington, NC. He sounds like an amazing kid and deserved a full and healthy adulthood. RIP

  18. I've been watching your videos ever since I was nine or ten years old. I'm now sixteen. I love you guys. I can't speak for everyone but on behalf of myself, thank you for introducing me to this amazing soul who was for sure, taken way too soon. Even though Ben isn't in all your videos and more importantly in your lives, he is there in your hearts. God bless you both and your families and God bless Ben.

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