The best marijuana strains for creativity and productivity (energizing sativa strains)

I started using marijuana for migraine prevention but have since discovered certain strains that are energizing and motivating (that actually make me exercise, …


  1. I am so blessed to live in Canada . I've got a weed store right down the street.
    Be prepared for a flood of Canadians learning about terpenes.

  2. I smoked "weed" the size of a fly , and i was able to memorize a poem of 16 lines ,in 2 hours, but before that i was trying to memorize the same poem the day before for 3 hours ,but i could not find a meaning ,nor even a picture in my mind ..then after i smoked that micro size "weed" i enjoyed the poem and reading it over and over until my brain took a picture of it, i cannot explain how that poem went inside my brain, when i went to sleep ..the poem was running in my mind over and over until i slept..I am not saying that people have to do that , but i only smoke weed for mind productivity only…

  3. The vid didn't mention a single strain or did I just fell asleep beforehand?

    My top energizing strains:
    Durban Poison
    Power Plant

    Zkittlez is described as an indica leaning hybrid but it gets me high and nervous just like the 2 nearly pure sativas and it's the fruitiest most sour treat I ever smoked. Maybe needs to be harvested early for the up-effect (8 weeks not 10).

  4. Don't think INDICA= in da couch. Its the terps and cannabanoids. Many indica dominant strains are energetic and clear and sharp headed. Heavy creativity..a little known fact: IF The longer the grower allows the buds to go after they have matured the more sedative and heavy body high it will be. Top growers know, there's a sweet spot if your going for a clear headed buzz. Not too long..not too short. WHERE THE CAP CUT GROWERS AT? Plz hit me up on IG : @cannabis_miamor

  5. People who smoke pot are prolly skinnier because they've smoked up their grocery money. I love smoking every day, but enjoy the buzz more when I only smoke every few days.

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