The confession you are about to view is a shocking, sordid reminder of the extent to which the devil is attacking young people in our generation today.


  1. "Demons are behind the godless activities and destructive elements we see around the world today. They fire our brains with lust for drugs, drinks and all forbidden pleasures. They are the cause of the enormous growth of pain, sorrow, bitterness, barrenness, confusion and suffering going on around the world today." – TB Joshua

  2. I am unable to watch this video. Can I perhaps get some help to watch it? I've been trying by all means but unsuccessfully. If anyone can assist me with this, I'd really appreciate. Thank you.

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  4. This video does not play , it said"This video is unavailable on this device." can i get assistance so that I can watch it by the Grace of God Almighty in Jesus Christ His Beloved Son so that I can learn spiritual.

  5. I tap into the anointing of this testimony for my daughter. Am facing a similar situation with my daughter, I prayer God will have mercy on me and deliver my child before her situation worsens, she loves money a lot. Please Man of God remember my Natasha Mwala in prayer I strongly believe God will deliver

  6. Every body needs deliverance. God will not abandon His own. it may take some time but eventually it will come to pass.
    He declared i will be you til to the end of the world. God is not a man that He can deceive. Amen

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