Sydney's eastern beaches to be closed

All of Sydney’s eastern beaches will be shut down on Monday as the New South Wales government cracks down on social distancing amid the COVID-19 …


  1. Vitamin-D is good for your immune system. Being healthy & active will also prevent you from catching the virus too. That's why Coronavirus is also called "Boomer Remover."

  2. With 1,098 confirmed cases (1,286 according to the latest from Wordometer) the Australian government is acting like an emu with its head shoved in the sand pretending not much is happening:
    "Currently, Australia does not have widespread community transmission of COVID-19"
    " Consistent with earlier advice on schools, the National Cabinet agreed to the AHPPC advice regarding child care centre closures and noted that “pre‑emptive closures are not proportionate or effective as a public health intervention to prevent community transmission of COVID-19 at this time.” "
    The situation will deteriorate very fast while there are no effective measures to slow down the transmission rate sufficiently. The measures taken so far rely mostly on the good will of the Australians and they are guaranteed to fail miserably as much as they failed in Europe at the beginning of the health crisis there.
    If the financially-decimated Greece, for example, can impose strict measures that have enormous economic repercussions, surely the financially-robust Australia can do better than what they've been doing!! It seems as if in the Australian society, as much as in many other western 'well-fed' societies, politicians worship the Holy Economy as their God and everything else, including people, come second (at best). This is very disappointing and infuriating.

  3. Arresting people for getting exercise and fresh air is madness. Greg Hunt failed to get enough panic with his "climate change" rubbish so is going with creating panic over a minor flu. Very few have died of the actual corona virus rather they died of other diseases they already had. The corona virus test produces a very large number of false positives so many testing positive don't even have it.

  4. lol the whole worlds running to the hills and supermarket but sydneysiders are running to the beach. good story to tell my grandkids in 50 years (if i survive)

  5. I now fully believe that the coronavirus is a new world order plan being rolled out. First to collapse the global financial economy. Second to isolate the human population. So we can not talk about the situation at hand in large groups and organise. Third of all infect the entire planet create the problem until we are begging for the solution. Get the population being used to being controlled under the guise of public health when we can go outside when we can spend time with our families when we can go to the shops and how much we can spend. The final card after the world has had enough. offer the vaccine. The vaccine being the point all along . Every human being on the planet 1 deadly shot. The vaccination is the weapon. It's a very old plan called agenda 21. The Georgian guidestones the first rule of the new world order maintain humanity under 500 million. I now believe we are being exterminated. Question the abola virus killed thousands more no government lockdown. The flu last year at this same time killed 300 Australians no government lockdown. It has occurred to me it would be very easy to say thousands of people are infected say thousands of people are dying considering all the media is controlled show a few pictures of people in hospital sick a couple of coffins and then spew propaganda. All the while the population having the belief that their governments are looking after their best interests. I mean think about it how do we really know. Where are all the grieving families on the news. Where are the thousands of coffins. Where are the mass graves. Social distancing seems like a sensible precaution also has a two pronged effect nobody can discuss the situation. Be good little citizens lock yourself up. And trust that the government that has lied cheated and robbed you of your money and life since the day you were born is now going to look after you. Sounds like a conspiracy theory so did the situation at hand 2 months ago. Maybe people should start listening to conspiracy theorists maybe we are just highly perceptive individuals that have abstract thinking and can see around corners most can't.

  6. Why are there tours still going on during a Pandemic should be the question we all need to ask our Government. Man falls during a Sydney harbour bridge climb.

  7. YET ..this dumb arse government let a cruise ship disembark in Circular Quay ..with infected people on board who were told to self isolate.. After walking talking touching through Sydney

  8. You have no power over us you dirty cunts, what are you going to do? Lock everyone up? What if we all just tell the government to go fuck itself?
    Dictate to us, go sort your own house! You corrupt twats!

  9. I keep hearing how sunlight is a good way to kill the germ and how it's good for generating natural vitamin D that helps kills the germ (germ = C-19)
    So closing beaches would be counter productive imho.
    More skin exposed to sunlight, with caution, would seem to be a good idea right now?

  10. The heat seems to kill this particular virus. I'd have thought they'd require everyone to go to the beach without beach umbrellas and lay out in the sun and cook on the hottest of days.

  11. Oh dear, calling on the 'Cobber spirit' to get people to self quarantine, just our pathetic Queen here in the UK with her 'WWII Blitz spirit' garbage. The saying is Oz is one step behind the rest of the world, they got there eventually, no doubt the army is on stand by as well? Look at that useless bunch of bureaucrats, how did we allow the nerds to rule the world?

  12. Well its nearly April …not like people will be flocking to beaches. Love to see them try this in summer. How are people bending over and coping this shit from these cunts? All because 7 elderly people with 1 leg in their graves have died in 12 weeks. How about you just concentrate on the elderly with this fake virus.

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