Stock Market Crash 2020 —- 3/22/20

Go to: The Dow’s weekly drop biggest since 2008 financial crash. This stock market crash 2020 forecast dives deep into technical analysis …


  1. its not easy to buy the FEAR but i've been in this game for over 20 years and the one thing i have realized is when you get these insane levels of panic selling and the media gets hysterical this is just about the time the SMART money guys quietly very quietly… step in and slowly start buying stocks back..its always the same. Remember every bear Market since 1929 ends in Panic selling and every bull Market ends in euphoric rip higher…its just the GAME.

  2. Greetings from a complete lockdown in Spain. Once you know what's really going on, will you appreciate that the stock market is extremely overvalued. Economies are screwed going forward. QQQ going to $143 soon, then $115 after the dead cat bounce. After that, who knows!

  3. I think many brokers could see a pullback coming, but none could react fast enough and to contact all their customers in time. They thought they could assess the situation and sell on rebounds. In fact, many investors and traders knew a pullback was imminent given the situation, but because the market always rebounded for the past year, most of them wanted to wait for the next rebound. Because the market always retraced the pullback for the past year.

  4. I called my broker to go to cash two months ago. They ask me why at that point. I told him watch and learn. After the drop he said wasn't it lucky that he sold me out. I said yes, now transfer my account out!

  5. Market dread is so pervasive even the gold bugs have gone into hiding. The Fed's "liquidity flood" would, one thinks, cause them to predict the end of indoor plumbing.

  6. Good luck everyone, if you are buying now you are insane. There are still a lot of unknown factors that can bring the market lower. This is not the low, more blood on the street to come. It will be over when BA goes bankrupt.

  7. You asked how are we dealing with this situation. I will be glad to share a few words. I am health care worker taking care of covid patients every day. I am irritated by ignorant people that don't follow social distancing and other recommendations and think this is "overblown or conspiracy." My message is if you think that, please join me at the front lines and risk your life with me just for a day.

  8. D7 I'd be down for the evening group, you know I'm always down to learn.
    As for the debt, my friend, we were panicked about being $1T in debt before this, now the first bullet we fire is a mere $1T. When this is all done, estimates range between $10 to $50T we will exhaust. It's like that Monopoly rule… the bank (the fed) never runs out of money, baby. It's time we admit that money isn't real anyways.

  9. Brokers are salesman that for the most part really aren't interested in learning about the intricacies of their own trade. Central Banks are concerned about making money and taking greater control and have no concern for the people. Politicians want to be glorified, and do so by giving the people everything they want, whether the money is there or not. Very few understand the technicals and know the eventual outcome – or want to know. It will all end very poorly for most.

  10. I'm an urgent care PA. nothing has changed for me, just extra risk now. My wife stays at home with our kiddos. I've been prepared for an event like this for years. Praying for our country and our citizens! Thanks for your informative update, I have been watching you for over a year, love your take and expertise.

  11. I have my short list put together. There are still a lot of high priced stocks. Cmg, lulu, dpz, shop, just don’t make sense in this environment. Cmg is still priced like a tech company but they sell bloody tacos! Just because it was at 900 doesn’t mean anything. At current prices it’s selling at 40 times earnings and the earnings are drying up. The current pe could be 80. However it went up on Friday but I think that was quadruple witching dynamics!

  12. Really hoping for a bump on Monday so I can short the hell out of this market. Didn’t want to go too short into the weekend because of the stimulus and after a big down day it often try’s to rally. However it looks like it will be down again big on Monday as the headlines get worse and worse. Ppl won’t be spending beyond essentials for a while

  13. I'm a construction worker / Trader and seen a correction coming. There's been a negative Divergence for quite some time now. Along with a rising wedge on DOW, S&P, NASDAQ on a monthly time frame and the Russell 2000 not confirming the move up making a lower high at resistance. Also a shooting star on the Dow and S&P in January 2020 on the monthly time frame. Spike in the VIX. Also money was rotating into the utilities sector. There were many warning signs in this 11 year Bull Run. I don't need no financial advisor most of them know nothing about technical analysis.Their job is to keep you invested. I was warning many friends and family and they thought I was crazy. I guess only Traders understand our language. Now my phone doesn't stop ringing.

  14. From February 19th to March 20, 2020 SPY has lost 3.63 points per calendar day. At this rate it would reach zero in 63 more calendar days. Therefore, it will all be over soon. As an academic exercise, the 2008 – 2009 decline would have needed to continue for an additional 400 days at its rate to reach zero. The 2018 decline would have needed to continue for another 360 days to reach zero at its rate of decline. P.S. – Take a look at the 1959 to 1963 DJIA chart which looks remarkably like the current S&P 500 Chart.

  15. Life’s the same for me watching the groceries fly off the shelves beside that same old same old. I’ve been rotating into high paying Div stocks with strong balance sheets that are already beaten down. You know it’s the worlds largest casino and I think that with everyone stuck at home if the government hands out stimulation checks who knows.we seen them play scare the children before and I think it’s a good time to be great full. Love watching you every week and thank you for teaching us.

  16. Hey can you look at aytu they are going to be making test kits for covid 19. Huge pop and high base looks ready to launch upwards. Especially if approved

  17. Solid video. BTW, Mark is amazing! Life has definitely changed for me, in a good way. Now that I’m 100% working from home, I can day trade freely with all my screens and not worry about leaving my desk at all and no one interrupting for chit chat. Life is good.

  18. you know when Media hysteria is at these insane levels….this is exactly the time they sneak in the back door and start buying up stocks…. you know the the game they create panic selling in the public…then after a 2000 point short squeeze to the upside your left scratching your head thinking why did i not have the gonads to BUY….but unfortunately by then your left chasing price and they rip the Markets back down again…..rinse and repeat forever. and people say oh but its "different this time" no its not, its always FEAR and GREED.😂C'est la vie.

  19. I was really waiting for this video. In argentina we are in lockdown since friday. Only food and farmacy stores are open. We only have 150 cases detected but many people are not been tested.
    The economy of many countries is in a grave condition. I am not sure it is totally priced in. We will see when qe start to show numbers. Guidance from ceos will be the most important thing too watch.

  20. As I said in posts a week ago no V bottom is possible now. Past the point of no return. Bear market bounces yes but lower highs and lower lows. You can’t shut down every major country and it rebounds like nothing happened. 1) damage to companies is permanent – ask Boeing. We could start flying again tomorrow and Boeing wouldn’t recover – they are in a hole now and need bail out 2) one of the big reasons the market rose over last 10 years was company buy backs which has a got a lot of companies in trouble – they will change that behavior going forward 3) this is worse than financial crisis since that was banks that affected rest of economy and throwing money at it worked. This problem will take time – money will be less effective but still necessary from a humanitarian standpoint 4) 60% of restaurants and many hotel chains will go bankrupt 5) stocks are more expensive now than they were 3 months ago – because the economy is so bad now that prices are way to high relative to situation 6) travel industry and apparel industry will never be same

  21. Based on the severity of the waterfall drop we've seen on the weekly chart I do expect there to be a rally in the short term but for that to be an opportunity to load up again on shorts. My friend is a financial adviser and he advises his clients to stay in the market given all the basic sales tactics of "you don't want to miss out on the 10 best days in the market" or "it always goes up in the long run". Education is so important. Trade the market you have not the market you want.

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