Sticky fingers seed stockers zkittles og kush and demon all dryed 🔝 drawer smoke💪💪

Another top drawer grow by smg headliner is for my liking the sticky fingers of course only by a nose with zkittles on kush and demon in the line e up too a great …


  1. I'm guessing that is a sticky fingers photoperiod? seen and had a few of the auto's and I wasn't all that impressed but that stuff does look much better. stay safe mate hope all that is going on doesn't stop you getting down to the site. Yeah Gelato is a top shelf Italian ice cream haha currently on some jack herer auto and critical auto from zamnesia, they do some next level auto crosses their GSC auto is also top notch.

  2. I got myself a 5 pack of Zkittles OG auto's(Bongo Bulk Seeds) too, plus Cash Crop auto's(freebies) . I,m beginning to build up my seed bank..finally, lets just hope they do as well as yours Yoda. Glad to see that the little ladies are still with us..i,m totally shocked they have germinated. As you said it will be test to see if they put up with a bit of a chill in the next few days..fingers crossed warming has its benefits after all…keep us posted Yoda..this could be a lesson learned for the rest of us guerillas for future grows..well done mate

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