Smoking Pot Coffee Shop open for CBD sales in Houston

One of Houston’s first CBD coffee shop opened its doors on an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts. The Smoking Pot opened on Saturday, April 20 at 8 …


  1. Btw kid before you tell the news channel fake news about the company your employed with, get the knowledge of your product straight. CBD does not come from anything but immature and premature Cannabis plant material whether that be hemp or not. Just try to remember, Canna-binoids are derived solely from Canna-bis material. Surely you should not know but since "Cbd industrial hemp has absolutely nothing to do with Cannabis" You obviously know what your talking about. Dumb ass spoon fed yuppy cult heads

  2. Yup doesnt get you high, doesnt fail a drug test, no noticeable effects because it's a bunch of overpriced snake oil. Theres articles and proof on it, just use your noggin and do some research before you purchase. Industrial hemp has about 0.000003% CBD = Congame to rip off the ignorant and uneducated masses. Notice how all the people in the shop seem like they're totally on edge? In my opinion it's because they're paid to bullshit you into thinking their coffee is 'medicinal' and it's just coffee with hemp-derived olive oil basically they don't have legal cannabis there and I imagine they're pretty pissed off looking down at their cup of booboo coffee when people are dabbing it up rolling fatties in legal states medicating on actual Thc products actually feeling effects and finding relief

  3. Great this is really what the CBD movement needs at this point. NOT!!! Got one Ignorant fool comparing CBD to tabacco. Then you have another one saying >0.35 and >0.38 When its everywhere CLEARLY STATING Its >0.3 Then you hear dude talking about CBD Coffee being a "Upper" and a "Downer" like its somekind of speedball drug or something… AND, As If all that wasnt enough CRAP for people to hear… He starts talking Nixon, Vietnam, and blah-blah political garbage. This just hurt the CBD Movement if anything. Makes me sick. Fuckn yuppies

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