1. Thank u girl for addressing his name as a self acclaimed dancehall king bcos it is really true . lol 🤣🤣 🤣 ……today any goat can also advice the president right?u think the president think about foolish people like shatta wale???shatta is a thief so he should concentrate on his stealing habits and stoo this nonesense talks…kwasia advice urself first

  2. Now every foolish man can talk to president of Ghana, who is that toilet guy shatta wale? Can they talk all this nonsense during Rawlings time no BECAUSE Ghana needs iron hand to handle them foolish people 👿😈👾

  3. That is not a good idea in Ghana. Ghana should find an isolated place away from people and attend to check if you experience any symptoms. Door to door check up will put the doctors at risks

  4. There's need to do door to door check ups. People shouldn't panic about the virus. The most important is when talking to someone keep the distance of 2 meters interval, no shaking hands, no regroupments of people. EAT HOT FOODS, DRINK MORE WATER.

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