Sadhguru's Amazing Wisdom During Q&A Session

Sadhguru is a guiding beacon of divine wisdom and inspiration for all persons seeking self-realization and an experience of the unbounded nature of life.


  1. Who is this man? Where did he came from? I doubt him to be an alien else how come he can stole millions of hearts with his speach and smile. I forget myself when I see his videos. What a wonderful and joyful man he is. Shiva Shiva

  2. Sadguru should chant: mantra to open any session..
    Let there be Ashrams pan India.
    with Forest like Green patch…with peepal trees..banyan trees.
    Yoga and Meditation under the Green cover…
    We need love: peace: harmony: patience: respect…
    AT peace.

  3. hello sadhguru, thank you for hearing this, i thougt i would be sensitive to noises, also from the neighbours, but it is irritation thus i am weak problably. but what can i do about it. because i don´t know.

  4. I would request if those whose ask questions in English if it can be edited from many of us who cannot understand due pronounation from different origin.
    Am listening from Kenya

  5. This is the country that has produced the most intellectuals in history. Especially the authors, Doestovky, etc. Sadhguru, much respect for you, but Russia is not just about vodka guzzlers..

  6. What a stupid question from Russian.
    A good bottle of vodka will sort all things out.

    Sad guru talks nonsense but talks in a way that he keeps you engaged.

    Please rewind and listen and analyse what he is saying.
    Utter waste of time.

  7. "unjust criticism is a blessing in disguise"…… I know you not worry , all your comments , wisdom, thoughts are very practical and made my thinking of me and the world has changed. I have started to share this with my dear and near ones as starters. Sadhguru hope you have more strength , ability and wisdom to share with the world and make positive change to all our lives.

  8. The few that do so much good for the ALL are a magnet for the criticism of fools, idiots and trolls. For these morons life is a shit sandwich and today is just another bite for them. They can't stand to see people happy and improving their lives because their lives suck hard ! Instead of doing the nessesary work to improve themselves it is so much easier for these fat, lazy bastards to sit on their fat asses and sow desent, drama and BS into the lives of others. Its OK – they lose all in the end and We gain all – WE will prevail ! Ignore the ignorant and stick with the winners and you will see how you rise and they fall ! Perfect !
    Sadhguru shows the way to the doorless door – you must walk through it !

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