RDWC – Purple Punch – Nearing Harvest!

SpiderFarmerSF4000 #PurplePunch #CurrentCulture Final weeks of flower and closing in on harvest. We take a look at how the Spider Farmer SF4000 …


  1. Love following your progress. We have almost the same setup. I snagged on of those humidifiers like you got and ran it to my RO line. How are you combating the mold/mildew that grows on the filter so quickly?

  2. Looking good! If you plan to do a dbl harvest how are u gunna do it? Flush for a few days then harvest the tops n what not then fill back up with what week nutes? Week 8? I haven't seen anyone do it in cc system B4 so just wondering. I run the cc system also but still on my first run. Seen all your videos thanks for putting a updated up! Cheers bro🤙🏼🔥💨💨

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