1. First mam I'd invite you to my video entitled "is CBD being suppressed" you'll hear me speak of my severely challenged adult children & thier truely miraculous results!! Natures Nutrients is the 9th and final CBD we've tryed & settled on!!! No chemicals used in the extraction process!! It's cold pressed! No carrier oils added!! It's unfiltered!! It's considered a full spectrum oil!!!!! It's Purity is the ultimate!!! And the standard 2oz bottle is $60 on the net! Show me a CBD of this quality for under $100!! I've done my homework folks!! ☮️

  2. Have a son he is 4yrs d have ASD I m from holland , I trying the cbd full spectrum from medihemp bud has 2,5% is that enough ? 2 times a day 3 drops?? Which one is better for him and which doses plies ?

  3. hi,i'm living in UK and I was trying to order the 750 full spectrum in uk website but doesn't have the full spectrum with thc, can I order from usa and be posted to uk?

  4. I have a son that doctor said is having autism.. how can cbd oil hèlp him. He is 4 yrs. And how many drop will i give him in the morning afternoon and evening. How much mg or gram do each drop contain?…

  5. WOW! You would have to be Stevie Wonder to NOT note your enthusiasm here. Its a delight to watch. I must admit I am new to all this and as yet STILL quite confused at the difference between this Hemp oil/extract and other types., so I'm just gonna have to read more till I absorb it all. I'm extremely interested due to my grandson who shows clear signs of autism(imo) although the doctors seem to NOT want to diagnose him with it(political motives!). My grandson 'flaps' an awful lot. Walks on his tippy-toes a lot. But I have to say, he is not or does not show the extreme signs of autism that I've seen other parents expressed on here. I think he is only mildly autistic. But never the less I'm just wondering if this oil,whether it be hemp extract or whatever, would he benefit from it and at present? from what YOU yourself has said here, I think he just might do. So HUGE thanks to you and may I wish you, your son and your whole family nothing but the best in the future. Tc now

  6. My son is severe autistc nonverbal ..16 yrs old ..also display SIB 😓 its his 3rd day today with cbd ..and theres no improvemnt yet maybe we have to add more dose??! Can u help us what we have is the cbd spray

  7. Is 500mg with natural flavor with THC safe for kids? Does this brand with natural flavor contains THC? if so, then what is the %, can anyone tell? Specially, planet health mama, can u tell?

  8. Hello great video! My son is 2 and a half and was just diagnosed last week with severe autism. We are going to be starting him on Charlottes Web cbd. He’s 35 lbs and I don’t know what strength or dosage to put him on to start. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  9. One of our testimonials of our 14-year-old asd son using cbd oil, is that he is no longer dizzy, car sick when we go for rides. Hee sits up and looks out the window! He always had his head in his lap and would be nauseous/sick the whole car ride. This would make it hard to go anywhere for family day trips especially.

  10. My in-laws adopted a kid at 9 months. He was fine til around 2 years old. Allegedly he got a bad vaccine. He screeches all day like an albatross in child labor. They started giving him CBD oil about a year ago and all it has done is swole him up from having the munchies 24/7. He's nearly 5 years old and weighs 80 lbs. He breaks down doors like he's LAPD. He terrorizes the family and has literally threatened to kill them. I asked them WTF kind of TV shows they let him watch. Sponge BOB and Teletubbies. So this kid is TRULY a NBK, and they are giving him dope????? God Save Us!

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