Outdoor Harvest 2018 Bando #1

I had music playing in the background and keep getting flagged for copyright issues so I just put this generic music over the top…. I didn’t talk much in the video …


  1. ผมชอบกัญชา แต่ผมปลูกไม่เป็น คุณส่งเมล็ดพันธ์ให้ผมสัก 1 เมล็ด จะได้มั้ยครับ ผมจะติดตามคุณทุกคลิป

  2. Sorry bro but you shouldn't cut in the day or in sun you cut it at night but they look good just for next time do it at night for better thc as when you cut after sun or lights go the thc leaves buds and goes in to stak but when lights go off or sun goes down the thc goes back into buds over the course of the night so best time to cut in before the sun comes up or before you turn on your lights and you can also get to heights from same plant just cut some on time and some a few days later and you will have one upper and one downer thought I could give a helping hand talk lol but all in all nice job very nice

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