Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Severe weather threat continues in Great Plains following deadly tornadoes, widespread flooding, Trump refuses to work with Democrats after Pelosi accuses …


  1. Thx chronicles news flash. Americans donโ€™t have family values. Practically no time off from work to be with families and the world knows money is Americaโ€™s god. And another news flash Western Europe most certainly doesnโ€™t want to be anything like you. Living standard is much higher in Germany and France as in America.

  2. CBD had done wonders for my arthritis and provides such amazing pain relief. how is this not legal nationwide? it's just a plant oil, afterall. oh, that's right.. big pharma. how sad.

  3. Yep. The American Revolution again NOW in 21st centry=citizen will stand against All enemies foreign and domestic That means traitors from within my country of past . . . today just as dangerous Like then muskets pointed to the British defending the land of the brave and the free. Earned. Do you really want to constantly poking you WILL GET BITE AND DIE. REVENGE IS NOT AN AMERICAN trait shared by all law obeying hard working family patriot and Good Samaritan Always. HATE VIOLANCE ARE SO DISTASTEFUL. Crew wax aroma

  4. So dont worry he's going to his political side kick in Congress. OMAR. of course. LET THEM HANGVOUT LETS WATCH AND SEE TRAITORS PLAY AMERICA AS A FOOL. GO GET EM CIA FBI DOJ. AND JUST MAYBE …..

  5. Any one speeding to get away from a cop is showing disregard for that officer and any passengers that may be in the vehicle. It's not like they are only speeding but when u litterally have a cop hanging outside your window it's time to stop.

  6. I don't believe this! letting John Walker- a member of the Taliban-out of prison on "Good behavior?" There can never be anything good about a terrorist. He will always be our enemy. He should never be trusted again. He can't be "deprogrammed." Send the dog back overseas to the people he loves! He's already proven how much you loves us.

  7. Why in the world do Americans listen to the criminal that spread lies . All of them CNN, CBS MSNBC and alll the rest of our so called employees, I mean politians in Corrupted Washington D.C.!!! The most of them are treasonous!!!!!!

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