NFL players vote to approve CBA, 17-game season and expanded playoffs on horizon | CBS Sports HQ

The National Football League will have 10 years of labor peace. The players voted to approve the proposed CBA Saturday night. The new CBA will take effect …


  1. 14 teams = NFL playoffs turning into the NBA and NHL playoffs. Might as well make it 16 teams. Reg season means nothing now. More 9-7 and 8-8 teams will get into the playoffs now. Lol.

  2. Extra week means Super Bowl in second Sunday of February now. When the season expands to 18 games with a second bye week, the Super Bowl will be played the fourth Sunday of February. Ridiculous!

  3. That's it. I'm done with football. Expanding the playoffs to 14 teams is unacceptable. Having an odd number of games in a season is ridiculous, and a 16 game season was long enough. Fuck the stupid cunt players who voted to give themselves a longer season and more chances for injuries. The owners are just going to ask for an 18 game season next time.

  4. I really like it. I think its good that States and city's with no team will now get games to go to. Even if its just done internationally its going to spread the interest and educate the game.
    I like that its more of a tournament playoff and no more team's with 10-6 winning records not getting into the playoffs. Good team's get a shot.
    Eliminating the 4th preseason was needed anyways. It's a Silly game totally about evaluating practice squad players. I like that depth will matter it will give more players a shot to become stars.

  5. The one thing the NFL players Association should have negotiated is that the player contract should have them getting paid all year round instead of just football season I'm happy for the lower tier players their salaries increase extra roster spot and a extra game check for the superstars oh well you can't get everything

  6. Stopped watching this thug of a sport years ago, and wow 17 game schedule? Messing with the tradition of a sport. Might as well start over with the records book. This isn’t the same sport anymore.

  7. Craziest news and sports this week first they postpone all sports events because of the coronavirus And now today on Sunday A new NFL CBA Ratifeid Player vote,Why add a 14 team playoff format?!?! this is not the NBA

  8. I know football is season is coming up, but you gotta remember what's going on now…The country is probably gonna go in to recession as well as have empty stadiums because the virus.

  9. He meant majority, not plurality. Plurality: the number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more than any other but does not receive an absolute majority. Plurality would only occur when there are more than two issues on the ballet and one of the issues gets more votes than the others but does not break then 50 percent threshold. He was trying to look smart and ended up looking dumb.

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