New York Gov. Cuomo holds a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak – 3/23/2020

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 15100 people in the state as of Sunday.


  1. Whatever ‘beef’ I may have had against Gov. Cuomo in the past is now totally squashed . He’s a better man than I may have ever thought in the past. … His dedication at this moment and time of our worlds history SHOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN….. If this is the results of how your father raised You, Sir… Then I most earnestly Salute Your Father with & in DEEP HONORABLE REGARDS 🙏🏽…


  2. I didn’t always agree with Gov. Cuomo … But at this moment he’s shown himself to be more of what I would expect &/or no less wish for as leader in times of trouble . With Cuomo I tend to feel as if he is in the pilot seat in the same flight as us , we the people , nit some remote controlled drone thet we are all stuck on board on.

  3. Gov. Cuomo has shown himself to be very well balanced & reasonable . And a leader who seemingly thinks clearly & thinks for himself. As one who has weighted things in the balance . He seems to be in the trenches with the rest of us rather than some elitist folks up there disconnected from we , the the people supposed be served but are furthest in heart from . ….. Sone one like Cuomo should be in the highest office of public service 🙏🏽👍🏽

  4. I like what Gov. Cuomo seems to mean when saying socially isolated but spiritually connected. But I would just like to rather say it more like :

    Physically separated (&/or Isolated ).

    Because though physically separated yet still socially connected as long as we are able to communicate.

    For example , ‘SOCIAL’. media is socially connected though physically separated &:or isolated … 🙏🏽👍🏽

  5. Gov Cuomo is so very ON POINT. This man shows to be totally well thought. He is so very reasonable, and very well tempered and balanced.
    What reassurance that someone in public office is so much in tune.

  6. I'm from Africa, I'm Muslim, I watch this man every day, I Follow the US news much more than my home country, I wish the best for the American people, and pray for this man to have the best in his life, career and family.. I really want to see him the president of USA.. not only for better American life but he will do good to the world.

  7. At least he doesn’t have TDS and is getting the job done, this is the CORRECT attitude, as a none American I’ve been appalled at the democrats behaviour, this is not what you expect in any country of a party which proclaims to care for its citizens, they our party before disaster relief, unbelievable stupidity, so I applaud Cuomo bravo sir

  8. i live in ny…..UPSTATE… be precise…..great he's taking care of the state….but has always been more concerned with the city….he cares nothing about the rest of the state so you all who praise him are welcome to him…..he has all but destroyed the economy and has been turning us into kalifornia

  9. Say What You Want, this is Tyranny! Cashless Society only! George Bush Senior's idea, A New World Order! Exterminate the Sheep! No Pandemic at all! Last Year Was Much Worse! Shame on You!

  10. Gov. Cuomo, thank you for your wonderful news conferences. It's need to listen to you. One request I have is that when some people ask questions, we can't hear most of them. If you repeat the question, it would be very helpful to the audience. It's a pleasure to hear you speak.

  11. Im a NYC resident, 3rd generation. If they did more prepping instead of worry about coddling ILLEGAL aliens, and making bike lanes, maybe we would be more prepared.

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