1. I remember her from a live you both were on I loved her personality I knew remembered her from somewhere. Lee Lee love & light baby you’ve really handled your pain well. Shout to Gramz & your 2 besties for all the help & love it’s absolutely priceless. You look amazing, to continued health & wealth 😘💜.

  2. I just love y'all! You two display so much Love, patience and genuine concern of one another. It is clearly apparent you all are on the same frequency! The best to you both. Keep up with this beautiful 🏃 speedy recovery ❤️🖤💚

  3. LeeLee already looking thickah than ah snickah!!! Get well love!!!! On another note when will yall be coming out with those web series/ mini series with old dude & them!!!?? I think it's called Hustler or something like that!!!!

  4. Yes leelee not taking any narcotics and taking that shit like a fuckin G 💪🏼💪🏼 gramz you are an amazing gf and side nurse lol taking care of your baby , yes gramz ! Subbie since 2017, I love to see y'all constantly grow 💙💙 manifest 😍

  5. Congratulations Leelee!!! Gramz bless you for supporting you love, Summer is a real MVP Friend!!! The two business owners KUDOS to you both for empowering one another as well as displaying Knowledge is power and leads to prosperity blessings and wealth using your spiritual gifts and intellect!!! You ladies are so articulate and professional! Peace blessings much and continued success to everyone in the Leelee and Gramz Camp!!! Leelee we needs some twerk lessons after the healing because you do that thing so effortlessly!!!! Love you Leelee!!! Continued healing and blessings to you and Gramz!!!!

  6. Hi You Beautiful Queens much love to each and every one of y'all God bless y'all glad to see you Leelee love your spirit constantly praying for a quick recovery but you always was beautiful anyway really didn't need to change a thing but if it makes you happy it definitely makes me happy get well soon sunshine!!!

  7. i want your advice lee lee with the cheating thing i got mi wife right she in love with some one from facebook girl that lives in fucking honduras they talk on phone only but that fires me up but i mean they dont see each other i am the only one that fucks with her touches her a sees hers but i still her fired up what do i do

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