My Healthy Spring Morning Routine : Quarantine Edition

Here’s my healthy and productive morning routine that I’m following ( Quarantine Edition ) While many of us are in self or mandatory quarantine, I find it very …


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  2. It's a wonderful idea having a morning routine.  I will work one out for myself.  Just love all of your videos, so don't mind what you post.  You always give me a boost.  Remember …………….This too shall pass.

  3. Hi Annie, love this version of your morning routine💕 as inspiring as always. I’ve always loved your LOA videos, they make me feel safer and in control 😅 I also think that videos about self-confidence and motivation are key in this tough times… Kisses from SPAIN 😘 (IG: @alejandra_mkp)

  4. Name: Danielle Dadamo
    State: New Jersey
    IG: JoiseyDani (we have spoken a couple of times)

    I love decorating videos/routine videos. Maybe a evening routine video: quarantine edition and a spring how you decorated your apartment?

  5. Melany Ruiz, NV, USA. @miel_melaza Annie I would love to read this book! It has been on bucket list. As for content, I’d love more on self development, how to trust my own intuition and how to remain high vibrationally in 2020🙏🏼

  6. Shelby Cross
    [email protected]
    Insta: ShelbyMCross
    I’d watch any videos during this time, your energy just really makes me so happy and gives me this good vibes also! Being pregnant with 2 kids at home and still having to work because I work in healthcare during all this is crazy! But I’m trying to be the most positive I can be and stay home when I can!

  7. Do you ever get bored of doing the same things every day?
    How do you keep it fresh to stay motivated?
    I want routines in my life but I get bored so quickly. Any advice?
    I’ll take advice from anyone who can help☺️

  8. Hello Everyone, hope your doing well and staying healthy. Sending positive vibes your way 💛 @xxby_belxx from California and I'd love to see a video on where you got your decor and favorite household items/ necessity.

  9. I've welcomed this slowdown and time off from work. But I do have a co-worker who does suffer with anxiety and I try to help her keep it under control by recommending things to do during this time. I've sent her songs to listen too and told her some things to keep her girls occupied too. I believe sharing ways to keep from getting overwhelmed by the news and all the doom and gloom reports, is what will help us all avoid cabin fever. It would be nice to see a video recommending some things to do, maybe a top 10 things to do while you're quarantined. Rapper Big Sean shared on his Instagram some of his favorite personal development books. You could maybe do a books you should read while you're quarantined. Just some ideas, I hope this helps! Have a great day!

  10. hey, my name is chloe and i’m from california! i have a lot of spare time right now because i’m doing online school so a video i’d like to see is your favorite self help books!
    email: [email protected]
    ig: @chloeghibanescu
    i appreciate your videos they’ve helped me out a lot especially during these harder times!

  11. Something that has helped me 100% specially dealing with anxiety, is beginning a “grateful journal” and I write all day in it and it has helped me a lot, my anxiety attacks have been less and it keeps me in a positive mindset ✨🌈💕💜

  12. So I have to share. I just tried the exact same meditation you just did before I go to bed. Oddly enough my nose got stuffy. Lol but it felt really good. My kids were rough Housing so it was hard to stay focused. But what I was able to get out of it felt good! Do you always do the same searches or do you switch it up. Idk how to search for good meditation videos. I’m a novice and so I just copied you.

  13. Heyy Annie, Leila here from Canada 🇨🇦 @melinabahram. I personally love your scripting videos but to be honest, your content overall is extremely helpful. I think you should do a Q & A video quarantine style or series (I love your advice, I feel like you say everything from the heart and are very well-spoken). Much love from Toronto 💕😘

  14. Hi Annie! My name is Maggie and I'm from Ohio😊 My email is [email protected] I would really like to see videos on helping enstill beliefs or how to truly believe in the loa when you feel doubtful. Also Louise is so cute! I have three cats at home and they are like my children. One of them is a tuxedo cat named Nelson and I swear he has such a unique personality and he's so intelligent, although sometimes he's too smart for his own good 😂💕

  15. I love how assertively involved Louise is in this video & the "q e" in the the title, lmao..!! I felt so much better watching, I hope your days are filled with joy, blessings & virtual hugs to both of you !.. 😍❤️🐈

  16. Yesssssss I loved this!
    My name is Mariah, I live in WA, USA
    My IG is @simplymariiah
    I would loooove to see some book recommendations, and a video on tips on how to still feel motivated to get things done through this time.. maybe even some guided meditations or a guided visualization 😍

  17. My name is Larissa, I live in Brazil. I would love to see some vlogs but I'm not sure right now it's the right time since we all cant go out bcause of the quarantine (at least here in Brazil), but you could tell us how you're spending your time without being able to go outside. @larissa.mara

  18. Hi Annie! I also go by Annie! I'm from Texas and my instagram is @themillennialpharmacist. I would love to see your experience with different methods of journaling. Love your videos! Stay safe and healthy!

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