My Experience of Kundalini Yoga, 3HO Cult, 9 Years of Strange Yoga Practice; Backdoor to Empowerment

In this video I explain my journey with Kundalini yoga, and the sort of roundabout backdoor to self-empowerment it offered me, and why I no longer resonate with …


  1. Samadhi is the 8th limb of yoga, not the 1st. Yogi Bhajan clearly skipped all the yama and niyamas himself. We’re so focused on getting to the goal in our Western society. When really if we rush we won’t get there in good standing. I’m grateful for my years of experience. And now I’m really recovering from Kundalini yoga, taking such a different approach to my personal healing and especially my physical healing with deeper yoga.

    It’s funny I could see all along the journey how this practice was messing me up in many ways. When I really gave myself into it fully from the beginning, I became very ill. The Ayurvedic doctor told me my vatta (ether/air elements) was off the charts which is not even normal for my body type. I was so ungrounded I couldn’t eliminate waste, couldn’t sleep, was in constant dreamy anxiety. I was pushing myself with 3 hours of kriya every day. And it wore on me heavy.

    Can you separate the teachings from the teacher? No, you cannot. If you “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”, the baby you are left with is hatha yoga with advanced pranayama. That’s all that’s left of this teaching that’s helpful.

    Some kriyas taught in Kundlini yoga are good sequences. They are helfpul places to start. But the real aim of yoga is to understand and embody your own physical structure to the point that you can find the right way to stretch and strengthen and align on your own. It’s not a sequence or kriya you find outside. It’s something you develop over time by exposing yourself to many ways of accessing your own body.

    Kundalini Yoga is a practice that can awaken spiritual experiences. And in altered states of consciousness, PEOPLE BECOME SUSCEPTIBLE TO GREAT MANIPULATION! The way Bhajan taught yoga was just the perfect method of keeping people easy to manipulate and influence. Anyone who has taken in this information and this method of doing yoga has also received the layers of distortion and manipulation that Yogi Bhajan tainted his teachings with. You cannot remove it. You cannot distill it. The whole thing is corrupt. Maybe you can keep a few kriyas here and there, but you do not need to brand it as KY or throw in your Sat Nams and dogma.

    It’s sad that something that has “changed so many people’s lives” has so much garbage layered onto it. Indeed I can say that practicing yoga changed my life. It made me disciplined and focused and allowed me to break from a toxic past. But it is not the teachings of anyone else who enabled that healing. It was my own commitment and devotion to myself. This is what you can keep from this practice and this way. And the rest must become something new.

    There are so many other teachers who are hooking people into toxic systems of control. And what allows them to do that is the way people have given away their power and entered into a state of confused seeking for answers outside of themselves. Pay attention to those around you offering teachings and healing. Everyone has an agenda. For most it is an agenda to serve others and enlighten the planet. For many there are also hidden agendas beneath that. Many people keeping the Kundalini Yoga tradition alive have no idea the subversion and oppression they are perpetuating. They consider they are simply doing a good thing and helping others. They are also deeply disempowered, and do not trust themselves. They have no sense of inner authority.

    The funniest part of all of this is that Yogi B called this teachings for an Aquarian age. Aquarian energy is about egalitarianism, equality, innovation. It’s about a fierce individuality that is dedicated to serving the whole. It’s about breaking old structures of control and dis-empowerment and making the space for true freedom and true equality. With Kundalini yoga, you actually get the opposite. You see a perpetuation of patriarchy, you see a homogenization of people and a stripping of individual will. You get control, manipulation, and healing through guilt, shame, and oppression. Many people learned that healing was hating yourself and disciplining themselves from a toxic culture. Throw a white turban and a mantra on it, and you level up your self-hate a little bit and get to call it enlightenment. I don’t have shame having to had gone through this journey because I was in a great state of dis empowerment. Personally I needed to witness how messed up such a cult was in order to find the truth within my own self. I just injured my body, spaced myself out, and suppressed my natural self for a number of years. It sucks, but the sad truth is I am definitely one of the luckier ones.

    And finally: my name on Facebook is still “Singh” which is a given name from 3HO. Singh means “Lion of God.” I have no connection to Sikhism at this point, though when I visited the Golden Temple I was extremely inspired and taken by the energy of the place and the generosity and beauty of the Sikh people. Due to Facebook politics etc I get the message as of now I have to stick with this adopted name for now. I’m really Dante Starshine. Dante Shante Singh is and always has been a very noble joke… 😉

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