Mac & Cheese – Cheap vs Steep #2

It’s cheap vs steep time where we compare a recipe side by side using budget ingredients versus some more expensive gourmet ones – this time, it’s mac and …


  1. for the fancy butter: it has a protected label (i think it's called PDO in english), like for champagne, or some cheeses. it has to be made a certain way, in a certain area etc. so lots of criterias that have to be met and for this butter it's made with more traditionnal techniques, the food of the animals, size of the farms, wellbeing etc is being controlled vs regular butter that is usually made industrially in big factories with milk coming from all over the country and with farms with different ethics. it's still just butter in the end and i'm not sure it makes a big difference in cooking

  2. As a person who has a rather violent mustard allergy, I find myself asking “Why⁉️”. Would it hurt to leave it out or is there a non-lethal substitute? Could the mustard-tolerant add it at serving time? Is the addition of mustard a recent change, because I used to be able to have Mac and Cheese without worrying about it.

    P.S. nuts are also a problem, and peanuts are not nuts!

  3. If the misses doesn't want to smell of garlic, get her a jar of that "very lazy garlic" (chopped), or the schwartz' paste "easy lazy garlic" tube. Both work great, and aren't that more expensive when you consider you're not getting garlic in your food otherwise 🙂

  4. Not really a cheap vs steep as such, but have you considered buying a pre made cake, a boxed mix cake kit and make your own from scratch and see which is better: shop bought vs box mix vs home made. To see which is the better way to get cake…

  5. I think you are already starting on the better end of mac-and-cheese by making it all from scratch (besides making the pasta). If you compared either to a box meal mac and cheese, you would see the bigger difference. As far as 'gourmet' mac and cheese, that's in the additions, such as sausage or lobster. Personally, I like to add canned sweet corn to my mac and cheese. Can't really taste it, but you get more nutrition.

  6. "You can milk anything with nipples"… LOL. I can't remember what movie this line was from but that's what came to me when u asked can u milk a 🐑 😄 i love watching you and Mrs Barry.

  7. I must say I think I have seen almost every single one of your videos. I think maybe about 3 months ago or so I really don't know if I just realized how you treat or talk to your wife, but now that I noticed I can't stop noticing. You making fun of her or putting her down. It saddens me as she is so tolerant of your "jokes" my partner watches your show as well and noticed it also. I think you are very clever and have so much to offer on your channel but maybe just be more mindful that she is your partner and loves you and just be more loving towards her. <3

  8. I genuinely think that the ingredients I have to buy the ‘steep’ versions of are good salt, good garlic, and if I can, cheese. Most other stuff makes much less of a difference

  9. Wookey Hole cheese is great, my dad lives down the road from there in Wells. But then nothing beats genuine Cheddar cheese, or traditional scrumpy/cider from the West Country especially from Cheddar. 1 of my favorite cheeses from the West Country has to be Applewood smoked cheddar

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